Aug 17, 2012

Oblivionized - Nullify The Cycle - Promo Review

Album Year: 2012
Genre: Deathgrind / Grindcore
Location: London

1: The Nullification of Philanthropy
2: Cycle of Deprivation
3: Nullify The Cycle

Nullify The Cycle is a masterpiece of technical ability and sheer brutality. Oblivionized combines death metal and grindcore in unique way which doesn’t let one overpower the other. The grindcore and death metal influences feel equally represented, even down to the vocals. Zac’s grindcore shriek is matched by guitarist Sammy’s death metal lows. Throughout the whole promo, it never feels like any of the members are slacking off or not playing to the best of their ability.

The first song, “The Nullification of Philanthropy” is unsurprisingly very fast and technical. There are a few breakdowns as well as several tempo changes. Lyrically the song focuses on politics and misanthropy, although the lyrics are vague enough to be open to interpretation. At roughly three and a half minutes, “The Nullification of Philanthropy” isn’t too drawn out or too brief.

The second song, “Cycle of Deprivation” is rather similar. There are a few more breakdowns and tempo changes, but the formula is largely the same. That being said, it is not similar to the point of being repetitive. Lyrically the song sticks to the title, expressing disgust for those who blindly follow, who have “no aspiration to change”. The cycle continues on.

“Nullify The Cycle” is a huge surprise, especially since it is the title track. “Nullify The Cycle” is a moody five minute song with no screaming. Instead, Zac pulls off some excellent singing which matches the mood more. Industrial-sounding noises are added, making the listener think of a slow moving machine. Pianos are also present, as well as what sounds like an acoustic guitar. This does not mean, however, that it is an upbeat song in any way. The lyrics continue the theme of senselessly following the will of society, unable to change a life “sculpted, not by my hands”. Overall “Nullify The Cycle” is an excellent rest after two incredibly intense songs which helps let the listener unwind and reflect upon what they just listened to.

Nullify The Cycle is unfortunately rather short. Overall, I found it quite good. Anyone who enjoys it should not be disappointed, since Oblivionized also released an EP entitled “Abhorrent Evolution” last year and is set to release a split with Plague Widow towards the end of the year.

Rating: 4.5/5