Jun 1, 2011

The Browning Interview!

Mike and Drew here from Total Deathcore and we are here with Noah (Drummer) and Brian (Guitarist) of the band "The Browning".

Mike: Whatsup guys? How are you all doing today?

Noah: Hey, whatsup!? We're doing great! We have been in Missouri for the past week rehearsing our asses off to get ready for this upcoming tour which starts June 4th! Jonny is currently in Florida at Chango Studios with producer Cameron Mizell overseeing the mixing process for the new album, which is due out later this summer on Earache Records! It is going to sound insane!

Mike: Now what made you choose "The Browning" as a band name and what does it mean to you?

Noah: Well, we get asked this question more than any other question! People are always talking about our name, and all I can say is that the name is completely random. Jonny started the band when he was still in high school and it was the street his school was on. But other than that, there is no deep meaning behind it or anything. We have no idea what our name would be, if it wasn't The Browning. Probably just some cliché name like From Under the Blackened Skies as We Fall Burning or something. There are so many huge bands with ridiculous names that don't mean anything! Like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Pink Floyd, and Toad The Wet Sprocket! Over time the name has developed some meaning to us; we look at it like society is a piece of fruit...and that fruit is Browning. So it's The Browning of society. Decaying and Rotting!

Mike: Who would you say is your greatest inspiration or who influences you to write the most?

Noah: As a band, I would say our biggest and most noticeable influences are As I Lay Dying, Amon Amarth, Hatebreed, The Ghost Inside and a lot of hardstyle and European techno and trance music like Donkey Rollers. We have varying musical tastes and each one of us enjoys a wide variety of different styles. We listen to a lot of metal obviously. We all like us some industrial too. Video games inspire us as well! Movies are always great for inspiration! Society, Politics, The World.

Cravey: Well, I really couldn't name a specific person or band that inspires me to write the most. I listen to pretty much every style of metal, so I get a wide variety of influences.

Mike: When did you first get into Metal/Electronics?

Noah: Well, when The Browning first started it was just Jonny and his laptop computer. Matt Keck used to do The Browning with him, as well, and Matt rapped and Jonny did vocals and programmed all the rap and techno parts. After Matt left the band, and the rest of us joined the band, we decided to get rid of all the rap and incorporate more techno and hardstyle into the music. Jonny has always been a huge fan of techno and hardstyle and pretty much everyone in the band loves it too. We all listen to industrial music and industrial metal as well, and we love video game music!

Mike: Do you ever get writers block?

Noah: Sometimes we'll hit a brick wall with a certain song or idea and we won't really know what to do next or where to take the song and in what direction. But we usually just move on to something else and come back to it later.

Cravey: We will work on a song for weeks and then all the sudden we are stuck, so whenever that happens we just move on to another song idea that we are really pumped about. Usually if we shelve something we are stuck on, the perfect missing piece will come out of nowhere and finish the song. But we have had quite a few songs that we have started and never finished, we probably have another album of song ideas already!

Mike: What is the most difficult part of writing lyrics for the band?

Noah: I would say the most difficult part is not copying what you've already done or already said. We try to touch on a lot of different topics and keep the lyrics as interesting as possible.

Mike: What topics or lyrical themes are your favorite to write about?

Noah: The topics we love to write about are usually inspirational, motivational, and positive. We also seem to write a lot about the fall of humanity, the destruction of the earth, and the downfall of society as a whole; and we'll slip some political and religious based stuff in there too. We have a lot of little hidden messages in our music and if you really read the lyrics and study what we are saying you can find all kinds of interesting things in there. We also have some pretty random lyrics like songs based on video games and movies too!

Drew: What was the first thought that popped into your head when you heard you were officially signed and you knew that The Browning would be getting a bigger fan base and playing bigger shows?

Noah: Honestly, I would say most of us were thinking how awesome it is to prove all the haters and naysayers wrong! You know, people in our lives that thought we couldn't do it and that thought we were wasting our lives being in bands and making music. I, personally, have made so many sacrifices and have worked so hard to get here, so it was such a relief when I finally knew that our band would be signed to a well-respected metal label. We actually found out on our first tour that we booked ourselves. We were
sitting around waiting for the venue to open so we could load in our gear. That's when Earache Records called and told us they loved the band and wanted to work out a deal! Needless to say, we had a really great show that night!

Cravey: When we found out we were getting signed I was freaking out! I was happy we were going to be on a legitimate label and get to release a legit album worldwide. We have all been working to get a record deal for a long time. We have all been in other bands for years, touring, recording, eating ramen it was pretty surreal to know that it has all been worth it and know that our music would reach a lot of ears!

Drew: What was the recording process like for the new album? stressful, fun, etc?

Noah: The recording process for the new album was stressful, fun, exciting, challenging, all of the above! We were all very excited to be in a professional studio, recording brand new material, and to be doing it for Earache Records! We traveled all the way to Michigan to record with Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome Studios and he was one of the coolest and most professional guys that any of us have every worked with! He's recorded bands like Legend, Monuments, Beneath The Sky, and A Plea for Purging! We were under a lot of pressure to produce a lot of songs in very little time, and having somebody as experienced and friendly as Josh there to guide us through it, really made the whole experience a lot smoother and more enjoyable. We couldn't have asked for a better person to work with and he really helped to make every song sound completely amazing! We can't wait for everyone to hear the new album, because it completely blows our old stuff out of the water! We've really evolved as people, as song writers, and as musicians and I think everybody is going to be thoroughly impressed with what they hear!

Cravey: The recording process was great. Josh was the perfect Producer for this band/album. We had a blast. Everything was sounding great and we were knocking tracks out really quick. We played a lot of games and goofed off on a lot too. Josh even made me espresso before every recording session so I was always pumped up on caffeine! It was awesome! Everything went really smooth. We had 15 days to track everything. We ended up with one extra day somehow! I would say the only stressful thing about recording was the drive to Michigan on no sleep in our van that was falling apart!

Thanks guys! and remember you can grab both of their EP's off of Itunes by clicking the icon below.