Sep 9, 2012

As They Sleep - Dynasty - Album Review

Album Year: 2010
Genre: Death Metal
Location: Detroit, MI

1: Oracle Of The Dead
2: To The Republic
3: The Third Reich
4: Bedlam At The Nile
5: The Darkest Ages
6: Ritual
7: The Offering
8: Attila
9: Poseidon
10: God Of War
11: The Unseen

As a whole, Dynasty is not a bad album. As They Sleep delivers on many songs, but also disappoints on others. The members of As They Sleep reference their Christian beliefs in some songs, but these ideas are usually in the background, allowing the listener to interpret the lyrics however they please.

Dynasty follows the rise and fall of several great societies, real and fictional. Each song not only describes a certain era, but also comments on it. Dynasty starts off strong with “Oracle Of The Dead”. This song is one of the “more Christian” songs on Dynasty. “Oracle Of The Dead” focuses mainly on Hell and Man’s quest for immortality. This quest for immortality is a common theme throughout the entire album, mainly as a result of a certain ruler’s desire for power.

Throughout the rest of the album, the lyrics are rather predictable if you just read the song title. The ideas are predictable, but the lyrics are very well written for the most part. Some songs, like “To The Republic” and “The Unseen” focus more on modern Christianity and the world today, while “The Third Reich” and “Attila” are definitely historic events and are not meant to be interpreted as much.

As a whole, As They Sleep sounds a bit too much like a death metal version of Parkway Drive. This is mostly a result of their guitar sound and riff ideas. The vocals and drumming are quite different though. Breakdowns are used quite sparingly, in keeping with death metal tradition. Although As They Sleep is a death metal band, they are definitely influenced more by current music ideas than those of earlier death metal acts.

Dynasty would have been better if there were more melodic parts, like in “The Unseen” and “Ritual” (instrumental). As They Sleep sure can write interesting and enjoyable riffs, which is why I think they should be brought more to the forefront.

Rating: 3.5/5