Aug 23, 2012

Whose Manatee is Drowning?-The Protagonist EP (2012)

Album Year: 2012
Genre: Post Hardcore
Location: Michigan, USA

1. The Scribe

We are a post-hardcore/metal band from Michigan and would love to be featured on your site. Your site is an amazing promotional tool and we hope to be priveledged enough to make it onto your page. We have included a link to our music video which we would like to have posted of our song, "The Scribe." Currently, this is the only track we're released off of our Protagonist EP but hope to release the rest of the tracks later this year. We know we aren't the heaviest band by any stretch of the word, but this was a video that we shot, editted, and produced entirely on our own and we would be extremely grateful if you take the time to watch it. Than you so much!! -Ethan