Aug 21, 2012

Crown The Liar - Dead World Anthology - Promo Review

Album Year: 2012
Genre: Mathcore
Location: Atlanta, GA

1. Deadbeat Messiah
2. Is He A Shamus Or A Toxophilite
3. Parli del Diavolo, Sputano Le Corna
4. Bizarre: Plight of the Filth Peddler
5. Dead Tooth Grime
6. Crow's Throat

Offering unique explosive elements of several mind boggling genres, Crown The Liar are an exciting new taste to erupt within the underground metal scene. The EP titled 'Dead World Anthology', reels in six detonating tracks of carnage filled noise-core. As if this genre hasn't been tampered with enough, it's just as well that Crown The Liar sound as rare as they come.
 Starting track 'Deadbeat Messiah' proves there's enough spastic fueled guitar nonsense to pummel the listener's ears with such a furious racket. Driven by a vocalist who is clearly talented using an intense range of screams - both highs and lows, as well as shouts and talking vocals, revealing a mere interesting personality to the band.
 Although it's difficult to tell the difference between most of the tracks there's still something here keeping you asking for more. The mathcore influences from legendary metalers The Dillinger Escape Plan are easily noticeable throughout. Whilst also mashing together a sound that early Arsonists Get All The Girls would approve of.

 Favourable track amongst them all is most certainly 'Dead Tooth Grime', despite the silly title the track offers relentless and deranged promise with its short, yet interesting style of mathcore meets berserk instrument abuse. Final song 'Crow's Throat' bellows more of a breather than the previous tracks, using more of the talkative vocals and calming guitar riffs to really satisfy throughout. Infact, the track takes pretty much a completely different direction from the others, nearly sounding like Bring Me The Horizon.
 Crown The Liar would serve to fit many looking to broaden their horizon of genres, but it would appear some of the talent becomes wasted when the music appears somewhat sloppy. Don't be fooled into thinking this EP is total tosh as I'm sure this is the start of a decent band full of determination heading for bigger things.

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