Aug 22, 2012

The Modern Prometheus - The Fall of Mankind (Review)

Album Year: 2012
Genre: Melodic Deathcore
Location: Fullerton, CA

1. The Fall of Mankind
2. Poveglia
3. Judgement Day
4. Bringer of Death
5. The Rise

The Modern Prometheus, a 5-piece band from Fullerton, California, has unleashed their brand of melodic deathcore onto the Southern California metal scene. The Fall of Mankind is the band’s first release and it is an impressive debut. When I first listened to The Modern Prometheus, the first thing that I noticed were the raw yet brutal vocals. The vocals are just downright nasty and the other members of the band compliment the vocals with just as nasty guitar and drum work. The fact that this is only the band’s first release shocks me because the band blends so well together.

The intro to the album, “The Fall of Mankind” is short and heavy. The song starts off right away with a very slow breakdown and it mostly continues throughout the opening track. This kind of intro has been done before but it does get you excited for what is to come.

“Poveglia” starts off with a quick drum fill and then its on to what The Modern Prometheus is, crushing melodic deathcore. The song teeter-totters between mind melting riffs which is then proceeded by a crushing breakdown. This formula does happen three times in this song which may be a little much to some people but “Poveglia” is a five minute song so the riff to breakdown formula is not rushed at all.

The first song I ever heard from The Modern Prometheus was “Judgement Day,” the third song on the e.p. The song starts off with the heaviest breakdown on the album and goes into a circle pit inducing riff after that. While the formula for “Judgement Day” is somewhat the same as “Poveglia,” there is something about the riffs and the breakdowns on this track that just stand out. The riffs are catchier, the drums are more enhanced and technical, and the breakdowns are overall better.

The fourth song, “Bringer of Death” brings even more finesse than the two previous songs. Gone is the riff to breakdown formula. “Bringer of Death” is almost all sweet melodic riffs. The first guitar solo of this e.p appears at the 50 second mark. After all the breakdowns on the album, the solo was definitely a nice breath of fresh air.

The final song “The Rise” follows the same formula as “Bringer of Death," in that the song has more melodic parts than breakdowns. Out of all the songs on this e.p, the guitarists stand out on this track. Some really great riffs in the beginning of the song, which is then followed by some evil sounding end-of-the-world type riffs. The song and e.p concludes with another heavy breakdown.

The Modern Prometheus have proven with this album that they can stand tall in the So Cal metal scene. At times, The Fall of Mankind can be a little repetitious, but the riffs these guys put out are good enough to where you can forgive them for being a little repetitive. This band already has a good start and if they can change up their song structure just a little bit then these guys can go far.

Rating: 8/10

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