Dec 1, 2011

Chaos Consumed By Tyrants - Carniverous Bloodthirsty Betrayal

Album Year: 2011
Genre: Chaotic (Technical) Deathcore
Location: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

1 Intentions of A Serial Killer
2 Killed and Forgotten
3 Fire Follows my Footsteps
4 Bloodsoaked Halucinations
5 Aquiring Insanity Through Means of Isolation
6 Zombie Fetus's Synthetic Entrails
7 Chaotic Spiral of Contortion Assault
8 Where Faces Hang On Fish Hooks
9 Forfeit Your Life For My Amusement

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Artist Comment:
Hi Guys. My name Is Zak Lyons and this Is one of my latest (of many) solo projects. I've always made music myself cause working with other people has always held me back. Anyways, I've been doing this since 2005 and just now decided to try and get my music "out there". Everything you hear Is me. This might turn you off but all the Instruments are digitally and from fruity loops. I mastered the sound myself too. I might be wasting my time here cause from what I know of solo projects get bad reps. Hopefully this can change peoples minds cause I think It Is some crazy/brutal shit. Anyways, tell me If It Is good or If It sucks. Email me @, Thanks for your ears.