Nov 23, 2011

Fallujah "The Harvest Wombs" Review

Genre: Progressive/Technical Black/Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader Records
Release Date: 2011

Being from a state generally thought of as one of the brightest most sunny places in the U.S. if not the world, it would seem that a band like Fallujah, being from that area would not be able to create a soundscape as cold, dense, and sinister as they have on their long awaited full length debut "The Harvest Wombs". Admittedly, many metal bands originate in California but Fallujah takes the rage exhibited by groups like Suicide Silence and Carnifex, punch that rage up a notch and throw their own blend of black magic onto it. The band has amazing guitar work that makes for a wonderful mix of both technically intelligent and punishingly churning music that is layered over bashing catchy drumming and mixed with some of the most sinister vocals in the genre and beautiful haunting ambient sections. The band has all these assets at their disposal and yet never overdoes any of it. Songs like "Alpha Incipient"and "Prison of the Mind" make use of Fallujah's more ambient elements while "Become One" and "Ritual of Godflesh" are some of the songs that call upon the guitarists to carry the songs, although this is not meant to say when one element is present the other is absent.

All of Fallujah brings their dark diabolical sound to all the songs on this album, even the instrumentals! Lets talk about the instrumentals! The tracks "The Flame Surreal" and "The Harvest Wombs", two massive instrumental tracks that the band sneak into the album and both tracks that are packed full with just as much genius and darkness as the rest of the album. The closing track "Assemblage of Wolves" reminds listeners that Fallujah may have the ability to make roaring technical music, but they also have phenomenal abilities at making crushing music. "The Harvest Wombs" is a delightful album that is sure to impress fans of heavy music from The Faceless to Wolves in the Throne Room. To readers who have yet to listen to "The Harvest Wombs", get to it! And to Fallujah if any of the band members are reading this review of your new album, do more like this one!!

Rating: 5/5

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