Feb 22, 2012

Among Thieves-Interview

Among Thieves has been preserving the Washington metal scene with their flawless execution of passionate, stellar sound. With their E.P. "Immortalized" being released, and a tour right around the corner, Among Thieves' future is looking very bright indeed. Recently, the band was kind enough to be subject themselves to my interview questions.

So you're debuting new songs at tonight's show, how are you guys feeling about the new stuff?

Great, we are really excited to get some reaction from the crowd and see how they like it but definitely, we are psyched to play them! It was a fun interesting process to get these songs made since we were only working with one guitarist as opposed to two on "Immortalized" so the sound is a bit different but we think they're awesome!

What set the creation process of these new songs apart from the material on "Immortalized"?

Preparation, we had a ton of riffs we had been working with before we even sat down to make new songs, we had a massive amount of material to experiment with when we started making new songs. And Tyler wasn't really expecting to be our vocalist the last time around so this time he was much more practiced. We wrote "Immortalized" in almost a year and these songs came along way faster.

What inspired the name Among Thieves?

Everyone thinks its a Farcry 2 reference but it's not. We had the name before that game came out and none of the band has Playstation 3. The primary influence was Jesus being crucified between two thieves and the Sly Cooper video game. I guess there's another band named Among Thieves out there who threatened us with lawsuits but we got our music up on iTunes first so we're copyrighted! so we showed them!

What inspired the E.P.'s title "Immortalized"?

The band mostly, we've been through so much as a band what with lineup changes and struggle we've been through. And since we don't do alot of partying with other bands there was a fair bit of hate from the scene initially, it's a title that speaks to everything we've been through and are still standing.

Are there any unifying lyrical themes to the songs on "Immortalized"?

Uhhhh, no not really, there wasn't any effort to set out and write anything that had any sort of strong sense of conceptual unity, as a matter of fact "Beam Me Up Scotty" was written when two of us were in another band, but of course since inspiration for our lyrics is almost everything we experience so there's bound to be alot of similar inspirations!

What's next for Among Thieves?

We have a tour coming, up, its just a short tour and then back here, working on new stuff and playing shows! Getting our name out there and build up support! Merch is getting printed for us and we have some awesome artwork for our E.P. that we are really pleased with.

If each member had to fight one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Sam and Tyler-Oh Ghandi! Christian- I think Tyler got Ghandi first.
Sam-Awww man! Okay hmmm...Bruce or Jet Li! I think I have nun-chucks somewhere so I'm pretty sure I could take them!
Tyer-I would say Ghandi, just because I dont think many people would use that answer. But also I think Hitler could use a good baseball bat to the face!
Christian-Myself! And I pick myself to fight because I wonder who would win!
Nick-Anyone who has ever bullied someone or picked on someone who doesn't deserve it, they're garbage.