Dec 24, 2011

Aversions Crown "Servitude" Review + Full Album Streaming and Free Download

Genre: Technical Deathcore
Location: Brisbane, Australia

What technical 8 string madness is this pouring out of my speakers? It's none other then the Australian tech-deathcore geniuses known as Aversions Crown which hail from Brisbane, Australia. This isn't your normal 8 string low end style of brutal deathcore, no, Aversion Crown makes full use of their 8 strings. Each track is filled with fretboard shredding like no other as well as drums to match. So join me on this journey through their album of pure fury, 'Servitude' and crank it!

Full track by track review and streaming of Aversions Crown 'Servitude', enjoy!

Track 1. No Salvation

There is 'No Salvation' after you have started this album, which is the first track's title. I hope your sitting down after you press play, because this band will knock you on down on your ass. The riffs are brutal and very well put together and the drumming is a beast of its own blasting. Everything about Aversions Crown is cranked to 11. The track starts with a display of the beautiful low end of the 8 strings then blast into a technical side that keeps progressing. The vocals are so powerful, everything is filled with unrelenting power. But prepare yourself, this first track is just the beginning of what Aversions Crown is about.

Track 2. Excoriate

'Excoriate', enters and takes you to the next level of technical deathcore. 'Excoriate' starts off with a nice build up before it unleashes upon you with a wave guitars which I love how the guitars pan and play 2 different riffs. The sweeps are so sweet and very well played. I love the breakdown that spawns at the end of this track and leads right into the next track.

Track 3. Imperfect Design

'Imperfect Design', which there is nothing imperfect about Aversions Crown's design. This song starts with a nice chug just as we are leaving 'Excoriate' with a beautiful breakdown riff. Is it possible to outdo yourself? The answer is yes. The guitars make full use of their 8 strings, they leave nothing untouched. This track does feature a lot more chug then the others but doesn't leave you with just chugging. There is a nice little trade off of guitars midway then after a nice low-end string riff there is some high end insanity. The design of these songs are so well put together.

Track 4. Hive Mind

Up next, 'Hive Mind' which features some keyboards in the mix that adds a nice layer to the starting riffs. This song is meant to sound epic. It has a machine feel, at least to me, which sounds perfect and fits the name of this track. Everything about this song tells a story. A master piece this is, a display of writing skill.

Track 5. Repurposed - Reprogrammed

Now its time to 'Repurposed - Reprogrammed', which is an extension of 'Hive Mind'. I really enjoy how every track flows together. There has been a lot of thought into this songs. You must really not have shuffle on while listening to Aversions Crown, this album is meant to be listened to in order to get the full effect of this Australian technical fury machine.

Track 6. Solace

'Solace' starts with a nice relaxing guitars, it is differently the eye of the this hurricane. This is a beautiful instrumental and gives you time to reflect on what you have heard so far. But don't get to comfortable.

Track 7. Partisan Destruction

The fury returns with 'Partisan Deconstruction', which starts out blasting. The storm has returned and takes you into a whirlpool of riffs. This track has a lovely breakdown that really gets your head moving then sucks you into a tornado of riffs, drums, and vocals. There is some good off timing parts in this track. As you can tell, i keep using words like whirlpool and tornado to describe this track, because that is the feeling I get from this one, its a spinning feel. It's the best I can describe it.

Track 8. We're Not Safe

Maybe its because 'We're Not Safe' as the next track states. This one really takes you on a off time riff ride at first. Then stabs you with a very well put together guitar lead and pounds you with low ends afterwards. Again, this track seems flows right out of the last one. It seems like every song you hear is a different band but in a good way. It's not the same thing over and over. Can it be, are these guys the Beatles of deathcore? That is a very bold statement I know.

Track 9. Defiler

'Defiler' takes over, pouring out of your speakers with heaviness. Midway there is a nice slow down of beautiful put together guitars which unfolds into a nice breakdown riff that is like a steam hammer pounding as if building some kind of machine.

Track 10. Praetorian

Now, it's time for 'Praetorian' which stands over you like a giant. There are many layers on this song. This one is the 2nd shortest track on the album, lasting only 2:50 minutes but gets the job done.

Track 11. Advocator Of Mans Genocide

The next chapter of this story, which is the last track, 'Advocator of mans Genocide' takes off right as 'Praetorian' ends. This is the closing, it is a statement. I really enjoy the guitar work on this one, its so smooth.

The entire album is so epic and deserves a full listening, or 2. The album is put together so nicely like a story. It has all the elements of one, from setting, conflict, climax and resolution. The members of Aversions Crown; Colin - Vocals, Kevin - Guitar, Chris - Guitar, Steve - Bass, & Jayden - Drums, do a wonderful job of expressing their self with amazing style of deathcore.

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For sure 5/5 rating hands down.

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