Dec 24, 2011

The Contagion Effect "Dichotomy of Reality" Review + Exclusive Streaming & Free Download!

Genre: Death Metal / Deathcore
Location: Baltimore, MD

1. 3.763.5
2. Desistance
3. Exsanguination
4. A Global Abortion
5. 1120 A.E. (After Extinction)

Free Download:

ComScore The Contagion Effect, hailing from Baltimore and made up of some of the members of the band Whisteria Cottage are the kind of band that have the magical combination of having a musical vision and the immense talent to bring that vision to fruition. On their EP "Dichotomy of Reality", The Contagion Effect have created a recording that is as listenable as it is heavy. The ferocity delivered by the music on "Dichotomy of Reality" is immediately recognizable from Whisteria Cottage although The Contagion Effect is another animal entirely. The music has a distinct fury and catchy quality that makes this EP stand out in the scene today. The ominous intro 3.763.5 is one of the best examples of introducing the tone for the rest of the recording but not taking away from the rest of the songs. The guitar work is superb on the entire EP both being able to break down and chug with the best of them along with slamming out some technical moments throoughout all the tracks to keep things interesting such as on the tracks "Exsanguination" and "Desistance"  with the bass adds the crushing depth that helps make this album so heavy , the drums pound away with almost superhuman abandon and the vocals rip into listeners with both unrelenting fury and dark brooding lyrics such as the words belted out on "A Global Abortion" and throughout the rest of the recording. The equally smashing and intelligent outgoing track, 1120 leaves listeners tantilized with this band's talent.  The fact that The Contagion Effect keeps the music different enough to keep a listener listening while not straying from the formula they have developed in and of itself makes this EP great. Being such a short EP, its difficult to pick a standout track that really outdoes the others, a task made even more difficult by the fact "Dichotomy of Reality" is a wonderfully made peice of music all around. It's not genre breaking nor is it something we've all heard before. The Contagion Effect has harnessed their amazing ability to bring an amazing breath of fresh air in a genre of music and indeed the larger music scene that seems to sucumb to staleness and repetition all too often. If "Dichotomy of Reality" has a weakness at all, it is it's rather short length, it seems a bit unfair to present listeners with such an amazing peice of work that ends all too soon.

Rating: 4.5/5