Dec 24, 2011

Micawber 'Viral' Review + Exclusive Album Streaming!

Genre: Death Metal
Location: Mishicot, WI

Micawber, a 5 piece death metal band from Mishicot, WI made up of Sean Thompson - Guitar, Leighton Thompson - Guitar, Jeff Plewa - Vocals, Tyler Lachowicz - Drums and Nick (Marv) Gouin - Bass, certainly knows how to blast. Their latest album 'Viral' is filled with a non-stop assault of brutal death metal that never slows down, much like old school death metal bands, there are no slow breakdowns.

The album starts off with a track called 'The Colonization' that starts with out with some string instruments which builds up to a wave of blast beats and fast guitar shredding. There are no vocals on this 1:10 intro track but it quickly gives you a taste of what is to come... pure brutality.

The title track of the album, 'Viral', unleashes just as the intro finishes. I really enjoy the changing speeds of the double kick when the vocals start, very nice touch. The drummer certainly keeps everything interesting. There is one thing for sure, Micawber will certainly go Viral with their death metal assault sound.

The next track, 'Beyond the Throne', does start off a bit slower then Viral but in no way chuggy deathcore type slow. The guitars are always at full volume, set at 11 (thumbs up if you get the reference). The song does pick up speed like a coming storm which throws you back into your throne.

'A Timid Existence' is next and there is nothing 'timid' about Micawber for sure. All the riffs (in every track) are fast, very tight with very solid drumming and vocals roaring at your face. The lead in this track is very well played with a nice solid riff behind it. I'm really impressed with all the change ups Micawber does in their music and how well placed they are.

Next is 'Systematic Manipulation' (awesome title by the way). This track, like the others, is filled with amazing guitar riffs and intense drumming. These guys spend a lot of time coming up with these songs for sure they are super tight and very well organized.

'The Calamity' comes out swinging hard and fast. There is a epic feel to this one which has a hint of Nile's style into it, at least that is what I'm hearing. But in no way Micawber is stealing, they add their own little touch to the sound.

'Victim of Persuasion' starts off with a very classic death metal sound. This track also has the closest thing to a breakdown type riff that played super tight but its not a slow breakdown as many bands do today. The riffs are fast and sporadic as if these guys were machines.

Speaking of machines, 'Mechanized Enslavement' follows with a nice classic 4 count on the snare. This drummer is pretty damn amazing by the way, he has some very nice speed and very tight (yes, i keep saying tight). This track is relentless as its predecessors. Each track is it's own beast and pay attention to all the change ups in these tracks they are pretty damn amazing.

Which leaves us with the final track on the album, a short outro instrumental that wraps up this saga that is 'Viral'.

The musicianship of this band is very amazing. They are very solid and the production of this album is perfect. The stamina and energy of these guys are pretty intense. I do have to admit, even with all the change ups etc some of the tracks do kind of have the same feel to them. But, I do highly appreciate their musicianship, so I give this album a 5/5.

If you're looking for pure death metal the way it used to be played, Micawber is for you. Check them out.

Rating: 5/5