Nov 13, 2011

The Tide Will Take Us - Self-Titled

Album Year: 2011
Genre: Melodic Deathcore
Location: Collingwood, Ontario

1. Metastasize And Consume
2. Mouth Breather

Download Links:
Metastasize And Consume
Mouth Breather

Alright, so these guys are from Collingwood, Ontario, which is pretty close to home for me.
And I have to say, this band knows what they're doing.

Mouth Breather starts off with an eerie, suspense filled intro sample then comes crashing in with the actual song. It has a somewhat dark, melodic tone to it at first but switches into a nice "two-step" followed by what I think is an awesome chug riff, then it just gets better and better from there.. Fans of the djent guitar tone will dig this song for sure. The drumming is also superb and the vocals definitely suit the music. He has some impressive highs and his lows bring the heavy. All in all, this song is one you'll enjoy.

Metastasize And Consume also starts with an intro sample but comes in right away with some cool guitar riffs and sexy bass drops. The vocals sound much more menacing in this song and there's a nifty guitar solo in the middle of the song. It's got some nice arpeggios and a bit of a jazz/blues vibe to it. The first breakdown of the song thumps you right in the face. Simple as that. They're djenty riffs are well written and interesting to listen to. The bass drop at the end of the song made a bunch of things fall off my desk.
Seriously, check these guys out.