Feb 16, 2012

The Pale Sky - Interview

The Pale Sky is one of those bands everyone needs to hear. Their music is intense enough to compete with the best of them and catchy enough to keep feet tapping for hours on end. They were kind enough to email me back to the questions I send that I very much wanted to ask.

1.      1.                  What inspired the band name “The Pale Sky? 
The Pale Sky:Honestly, it was just a unique name; it was originally 
supposed to be “Under A Pale Sky.” 
  As our drummer, Robbie, was designing our logo, 
it started to look better as “Under The Pale Sky,” 
but he just decided it was simpler as “The Pale Sky.” 
Plus, the logo flowed much better that way. 
2.                  What is each member’s biggest musical influence?
Jason: CARNIFEX!!!!
Robbie: Anything Metal/Death Metal/ Hardcore,
and all sub-genres alike. Mainly your typical Deathcore though.
Dakota: My biggest influence would probably be my step dad,
he is the reason I picked up the guitar in the first place.
Kevin: My biggest influence is Metal.
3.                  What inspires your music and lyrics?
Jason: Multiple things, my emotions and feelings,
 I guess it just depends on my mood, or how heavy we want to be,
or the message we want to send.
Robbie: I have been in the Metal scene for about
9 years now. I have seen almost everything it has to offer.
 Basically now, I really just like heavy music.
I enjoy seeing kids beat each other up in the pits rather than being violent on the street,
because fighting isn’t cool.
Dakota: Everything I write comes straight from what I am feeling at the time,
 whether it be an upbeat riff or a mean breakdown, it’s from me.
Kevin: I’m gonna have to say, Carnifex, King Conquer, Whitechapel,  and many others.
4.                  Are there any unifying themes to the lyrics on the upcoming E.P. you guys are recording?
The Pale Sky:No, we just kind of go with it: what flows right, feels right, sounds right.
Jason tries to write to the best of his abilities; lyrics that reach the fans on a personal level.
5.                  Where were you guys (mentally/emotionally) when you were writing this music?
Jason: We were trying to write heavy music that we enjoy playing while
maintaining that same heavy sound that our fans like listening to.
We enjoy writing the style that we do and plan to continue to do so.
Robbie: Me personally, I like hearing, “Wow, that sounds good,” or “Hey man, that sounds great!”
so I tend to write what I think our fans will get in to,
however, I refuse to put something out there that I don’t like.
I knew what sound I was going for starting this band and I rely on my fellow band
members to help make that sound come to life.
Dakota: I was lost in it, because everything I do with our music I put my heart and soul into it.
Kevin: I was kind of nervous. I have never really written music like this.
6.                  What was the process of creating this music like?
Jason: Strenuous and stressful, sometimes we had our moments,
but all in all it was well worth it and lots of fun.
Robbie: I agree with Jason, it can be quite complicated with
so many different opinions but we managed to find a common ground,
 use what fits, and continue writing
Dakota: It was fun yet stressful all at once trying to make everything sound the best that it can.
Kevin: I felt that it was very content and laid back.
7.                  Are there any details you would like to give readers about the upcoming recording?
Jason: It is going to be brutal and heavy but at the same time emotionally and physically moving.
Robbie: All I can say is look out World! Seriously though, very heavy and also very catchy.
Dakota: My thoughts are, if our fans enjoy Engraving The Flesh,
then they will enjoy anything else we have to offer, because they are the ones we aim to please.
Kevin: I think that they won’t be disappointed.
8.                  What are some bands you would like to tour or play a show with?
Jason: Carnifex, King Conquer, As Blood Runs Black, My Children My Bride, Molotov Solution, and Suffokate.
Robbie: Molotov Solution, Suffokate,
The Acacia Strain, All Shall Perish, As Blood Runs Black,
For The Fallen Dreams, Whitechapel,  Fit For An Autopsy, and many more.
Dakota: I’d love to play a show with, Whitechapel,
Rose Funeral, Upon A Burning Body, King Conquer, and Oceano if they were still together.
Kevin: As I Lay Dying, White Chapel, King Conquer, and Oceano.
9.                  What sort of hobbies do members have outside of music?
Jason: I like puzzles, sports, and just having a good time with friends and family.
Robbie: Poker, socially drinking, hanging out and meeting new people,
 graphic design, drawing, tattoos, and sports.
Dakota: Just working, hanging with friends and having a good time.
Kevin: Xbox 360, chillin with friends, movies, and music.
10.              Have you guys ever done anything as a band with your music or your live show that you weren’t comfortable doing but felt necessary to do to stand out?
Jason: No, but if we did come across something like that we would give it a try.
Robbie: Uhmm.. I’m not sure that we have,
but definitely not afraid to try something new if it applies to our moods
or what we are currently writing. I feel that our music have some unique qualities to it.
Dakota: Not that I can recall no.
Kevin: Not that I recall, but if it did happen. I’m sure we would rise to the opportunity.
11.              What is something each member likes about playing this kind of music?
Jason: It moves me and I love how it sounds. It completely pumps me up.
Robbie: Metal is a dying genre, whether we want to believe it or not. I like to help keep it alive. Metal has progressed tremendously over the years. It’s a challenge to write and play the material. I enjoy the challenge.
Dakota: It’s just so powerful, it’s a great feeling and it pumps me up.
 Plus I just love this genre of music and the style of playing.
Kevin: I love playing this music because it’s heavy, gets you, pumped, and lets you go crazy.
12.              What is one of the most interesting show or fan experiences you have had?
Jason: Having girls fight over Robbie’s drumsticks.
Robbie: It would definitely have to be having girls fight over my drumsticks,
or trying to grab Jason’s midsection.
Dakota: So far I haven’t ran into anything that stood out at any of our shows.
Kevin:  The Halloween Show 2011 at The Alley Music Venue in Seymour, IN.
13.              What is each band members’ favorite nonmetal band or artist?
Jason: Waka Flaka Flame
Robbie: Is Creed considered nonmetal? Otherwise probably Blues Traveler.
Dakota: I’d have to say my favorite nonmetal band would be Crossfade or Breaking Benjamin.
Kevin:  Brand New.
14.              What is each members’ favorite album?
Jason: The Diseased And The Poisoned by: Carnifex
Robbie: Probably Awaken The Dreamers by: All Shall Perish… So far.
Dakota: That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say This Is Exile by: Whitechapel.
Kevin: An Ocean Between Us by: As I Lay Dying.
15.              If each member had to fight one person dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Jason: Lil Wayne. His music is annoying and very repetitive.
Robbie: It sure as hell wouldn’t be Chuck Norris!
 Nah, I would have to say Morgan Spurlock, He really affected my life in a very horrible way with that Super Size Me documentary he did. Can I get a HELL YEAH?
Dakota: If I had to fight one person it would be my father for a lot of personal reasons.
Kevin: Muhammad Ali, so that I could say I fought the greatest.