Nov 11, 2011

As The Kingdom Falls "Mind Parasites" Review

Genre: Deathcore
Location: Baltimore, MD

First off, let me start off by saying; If you have not heard As The Kingdom Falls, what are you waiting for? This 5 piece band hails from Frederick, MD made up of Kenny Cook - Vocals, Chuck Fleming - Guitar, Will Fleming - Guitar, Andrew Markle - Bass, & Ricky Claypoole - Drums. As The Kingdom Falls as an amazing live resume, playing with such acts as Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Carnifex and countless more.

Their album 'Mind Parasites' is 5 tracks that display pure brutality. It is non-stop track after track with technical guitars, blasting drums, and vocals that range from low growls to high screams perfectly, as well as, well timed breakdowns.

Track 1 titled 'Devour Your Creator' comes out full speed and grabs hold of you. The drumming is very solid and Ricky can really blast. The guitars keep things nice and interesting, even trade off riffs on a few areas.

Next, 'From Nothing', has a some really good breakdown groove areas that are just... heavy. I cannot really describe it any other way. Everything is so tight and well timed.

'Intellectual Abstraction' follows, again like the other tracks, it is filled with amazing guitar work and very tight drumming. I actually had to hear this track twice back to back, it has very good elements.

The title track of the album 'Mind Parasites' comes out with some tight drumming to kick things off and grinding guitars. The changes up in this track are sweet as hell, and fit so well. Yeah, that rhymed total by accident, back to the song. I'm very impressed with the guitar work on all of these tracks. Every song seems fresh and sounds like a lot of time went into the writing process for each.

The last track on this album titled, 'The Cyber Warlord', is the icing on the cake. Again, everything is arranged very nicely. I'm sure I'm sounding a bit repetitive, but damn, I'm blown away how every track on this album is its own beast. The guitars are very well pronounced and the drums accent the riffs perfectly. This band is tighter then a midget nun!

The production is very top notch as well as the talent that drives this band! Head over to their Facebook page and show these guys some support. You won't be disappointed!

Rating 5/5