Dec 24, 2011

A Night at the Chalet "Filth" Review + Exclusive Album Streaming

Genre: Death Metal
Location: Milwaukee, WI

What do you think of when you hear Milwaukee, WI? Certainly not finely craft death metal by the name of 'A Night at the Chalet' on Innerstrength Records, which has released a new album titled 'Filth' that is anything but filth.

A Night at the Chalet sound is very tight, tighter then a virgin midget nun to be exact. Everything is put together better then the Pyramids themselves. This wall of intense shredding and blasting is made up of; Corey Wayne on vocals, John LaVar on guitars, Carl Danielson on guitars, Skinners Mc Tattat on drums and Ethan Kruizenga on bass.

The album 'Filth' starts out with a tracked titled 'Digusting Images of Reality' which right away you hear what A Night at the Chalet is capable of, fast shredding, blasting drums, vocals that growl with pure power and breakdowns that stop you in your tracks. The next track, which is a instrumental, titled 'Into the City of the Dead' leads you into track 3 titled 'Forever Entombed Amongst the Catacombs' that has a very awesome breakdown that just smashes your face.

Track after track A Night at the Chalet reminds me of a orchestrated death metal type sound. By that I mean the sound is very wide and not just a strait forward approach of death metal. The vocals are very unique, they are so raw and mean, if you were to hear this band on someone's stereo you'll know who it is right away for sure.

I really enjoy this album fully from start to finish but there is one track that kind of stands out to me for some reason is track 9 titled 'Diminish the Human Existence'. The guitar riffs are very well put together and really capture you then tears your human body to bits. Both guitarist add their own touch of epicness, not just with this track but all tracks as well.

I recommend you give these guys a listen. I can tell they put a lot of effort and work into their sound.

Rating: 5/5