Sep 4, 2011

[REVIEW] Abiotic - A Universal Plague

Abiotic - A Universal Plague
1. Metamorphilia
2. Vermosapien
3. A Universal Plague
4. Conquest of Gliese
5. The Singe
6. Exitus
7. The Graze of Locusts

Hailing from Miami, Florida, offering up a brutal mix of death metal and progressive grooves, comes Abiotic, with their debut EP
'A Universal Plague'.

As a whole, the EP is exceptional. And for a debut, it's a sure thing that these guys will quickly gain in popularity. The band's influences are very clear from the first track on the album. Fans of bands such as The Faceless, Necrophagist, Obscura and After the Burial should feel right at home with Abiotic.

Throughout the album there's an onslaught of spacey leads, backed by some intense grooves.
Guitar work on the EP is split between Matt and Johnathan. And between the two of them, they manage to create a unique blend of progressive melodies, death metal grooves and the modern "core" sound.

Andres aka Zeus, from this offering, is definitely a talented drummer, who I'm sure will start to gain some notoriety in the drum world soon. Whether he's pounding out blast beats at top speed or dropping it down to some more technical cymbal oriented drumming, he's consistent.

Unfortunately, I myself am not a bassist, so I can't really tell you too much in regards to Alex's part on the EP. If you're a bassist, I'm sure you'll enjoy what he has to offer. There are a few standout bass lines on the EP, most noticeably on VERMOSAPIEN, which is a perfect example of what this band brings to the table. Below you can hear the track prior to the completion of the album. The final masters have a much fuller sound than what you hear. So if you like it, grab the real deal.

Vocals on the album are a mix of more modern "core" lows, and the black metal highs that any black metal fan is familiar with. Ray does a great job of incorporating a varied use of his range on the album, adjusting dynamically to the tone of the track. I'm sure we'll be seeing vocal cover videos on YouTube very soon.

As a whole, this an extremely solid debut release. And I'm sure whatever the guys in Abiotic are working on for their next release will be just as good if not better. So do yourselves a favor, and go check them out, and be sure to grab a copy of their EP once it hits iTunes and Amazon on Tuesday, September 6th.

Album Rating - 8.5/10