Feb 18, 2012

Prime Meridian - Interview

Prime Meridian may be new on the scene, but with music as intricate, catchy and memorable as they already have, they will soon be catching up to the rest of the pack.They recently were kind enough to answer all the questions I had for them.

1. What inspired the name Prime Meridian? Have any of the band members ever been there?

We have been struggling to come up with a band name for the last six months or so, before we even started writing or recording for this band. In our old band we were going through a name change, and before we could agree on a new one we broke up, but anyways, we started going through each other’s school text books. It just so happened that Shae, the vocalist, was taking some earth geology classes at the time. We were sorting through books for a few hours and still weren’t happy with anything. We were actually thinking of things like The Navigator, so we googled just that and were looking through photos and we found a cool image that showed the earth’s prime meridian. It kind of sparked interest in both of us, and rather of it being just a name we thought about it in a more metaphorical sense as in its something that goes so unnoticeably and it affects us every day. As for ever being there, neither of us have ever visited.

2. Favorite non metal artist of the members?

We both love The Front Bottoms; we actually just went to see them a few weeks ago in Philly. A few others are Shotgun No Blitz, Brave Bird, Park Jefferson, Mac Miller, and Meek Mill.

3. What’s something about being a band in this genre fans don’t know that you wish they did?

What people don’t really know is a lot of people do it themselves these days, take us for example. We did everything from making the actual music, recording, album art, and building ourselves a studio/vocal booth to record in. It’s pretty funny to record vocals in a dorm room and see a note on the ground under our door asking if were alright. What most people don’t understand is that our songs are not about death, murdering, and killing. This is a pre conceived notion people get when they hear hardcore vocals of any sort. A lot of bands including ours, talk about past events and things we learn about in school. We really just want people to be able to appreciate the work we put in as musicians, rather than judge us for having a different taste in music.

4. What sort of hobbies do you guys have outside of the music?

As a whole I, Eric, record rappers, and any other type of music anyone wants to bring to my studio. Both Shae and I pretty much do homework or just play Black Ops (Hurryingpigeon8) all the time. We know it’s a stupid name but Xbox live gave it to us and we never felt like changing it. I, Eric, like to fish and go boating in the summer. Shae has a problem of downloading music, his hobby is downloading music, and when he is not downloading music, he is thinking about downloading music.

5. What keeps you guys inspired?

To be honest, other bands like us who actually respond (Or try to) to every fan who posts something on their page. Personally, for us there’s nothing better than getting your favorite bands album and being able to have a conversation with them about whatever. These types of bands like us or Lifeforms, Notions, Azurah, OneShotKill, Shotgun No Blitz, or Sworn In are what keep us dedicated to creating music to share with people. Two days ago right after we released our EP Intersections, we really didn’t know what to expect. We had 30 some likes on our page and the song we had up didn’t have a lot of plays. To see that many people who we don’t even know from around the country commenting on and liking our page is awesome. What keeps us inspired are really the fans, the people who actually give you a chance. Other things that keep us inspired are Scooby snacks, Oreos, Chewy Bars, The Front Bottoms, and when we get attack dogs in Black Ops.

6. What person, dead or alive would each member fight and why?

We’re not really into killing celebrities, but we would love to fight some people we know as acquaintances. In the past they caused us unnecessary anxiety and struggle, when we thought we were supposed to be friends. It really came down to them being self centered kids who only cared about money and getting girls, even at the cost of losing two good friends. We’re not out for revenge, but we wouldn’t really rush to call the ambulance if a bus hit them and we were the only ones around.

7. In the band’s existence have you guys ever done anything with your live show or music that you guys might not have been comfortable with doing but felt necessary to do to stand out as a band?

We haven’t played any shows yet, but back right before we started making music for this band, we told some random guy from craigslist to meet us at our house so we could buy his 7 string. It was a shady experience to say the least, and we probably wouldn’t have done it again if we had thought about it more first. We have put off a lot of homework and time hanging out with friends to be able to write, record, and do things like this interview. I, Eric, feel as though if you are not doing something every minute to better your band, or anything in life, someone else out there is getting somewhere first. So it is definitely necessary to take every step possible to stand out, even if it means pulling all nighters after working on a song to do papers for class the next day.

8. Who would you want to tour with? Who would you want to take on tour with you?

We would love to tour with Lifeforms, Rooks, Sworn In, Notions, Volumes, The Backstreet Boys, Entities, It Prevails, and Destruction of a King. Anything heavy and angry in general is cool with us.
We would take our good friend JMB, (Jordan Bleyer), along because he is always with us hanging out. We would also love to take a few of our good friends. Pretty much anyone we hang out with on a daily basis.

9. Most important album to each member? Outside of your own obviously =)

Shae- La Dispute- Somewhere At The Bottom Of A River
Eric- It Prevails- The Inspiration

10. What are you guys listening to as of late?

Were listening to a lot of The Front Bottoms, Destruction of a Kings new single, Sworn In’s new EP, JMB’s new mix tape since I am producing it, Mac Miller, Shotgun No Blitz, Entities, Rooks, Modern Day Babylon, The Contortionist- Exoplanet, and a bunch other good bands.