Mar 11, 2011

Uplift - Making The Most - 2011

Genre: Postitive Hardcore
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Quality: 320kbps (personal cd rip)
1. Losing Grip
2. Saving Breath
3. War Between Words And Pictures
4. Small Sacrifices
5. Making The Most*Total Deathcore Band exclusive upload*

These guys played here in Sudbury tonight. And they were probably the most sincere hardcore band I've ever seen. What James(vocalist) writes about is 100% sincere, and you can tell just by how he speaks to the crowd. Positive Hardcore, is about positivity towards life. Whatever people think, doesn't matter. You're better than that.Fuck the egos. Fuck the bullshit, and fuck the authority. Trust your friends. That's what hardcore is about. And I think that's something that goes for more than hardcore. Support your scene. Support the bands. Don't be the kid with the ego that thinks he/she's better than everybody else. Uplift were some solid dudes, And I'm happy to be able to share them with you guys. They made me feel better about music and the state of the music scene.