Aug 5, 2012

Visionaries - The Corrupt Mindset Review

Album Year: 2012
Genre: Progressive Metal
Location: Bradenton, FL

Visionaries is:
Brandon Silva - Guitars
Dillon Hegarty - Drums
Ryan Schmitt - Bass
Tyler Shelton - Vocals

1. Subverter
2. The Corrupt Mindset
3. An Abomination
4. Reconciliation
5. Shapeless
6. Nostalgia
7. The Emperor I (Transcendence)
8. The Emperor II (Devourer)
9. Eminence

As stated on their Facebook, Visionaries is a 4 piece progressive metal band from Bradenton, FL. Now upon reading that it gives you an idea of what you're about to hear, and that is "Combining fast paced riffs, in your face melodies, crushing breakdowns and an energetic live show we hope to leave the listener with severe neck cramps." Forming in 2010 the band has released a 5 song EP and an LP entitled "The Corrupt Mindset" which I will be reviewing shortly.

The band has many influences ranging from Within The Ruins and Veil Of Maya, to The HAARP Machine and Structures. Another strong idea of whats ahead, and that is going to be a lot of groove.

My first listen of "The Corrupt Mindset" was quick but extremely entertaining at the same time. I examined the cover art and tried to feel the mood of each track. The cover art displays the earths main features, nature, society, weather/climate, etc. Above the display are dark figures in cloaks, and above the figures is an all-seeing eye. The feeling of this image is dark, and you can immediately point out the mood. The cover art makes it obvious how the world revolves, and tries to convince the listener that the goverment takes control of most of the economy, and even nature. This is a perfect example of the bands name and what it stands for. A visionary is a person with ideas of how the future will be or look like. Giving you another idea, and that is how this band feels about our future. The feel of every song also has a political feel to it, which also reminds you of how dark the cover art was.

Beginning my second listen the intro has a theatrical/symphonic sound to it which also makes this album darker than it already feels. It prepares you for whats next, and that is the title track. This track is about how people live their lives, blinded by the governments ways, and binded by authority. Another relation to the album art, is how this song is lyrically put.

Three tracks in and I'm getting convinced that the beast is real. This band gives you a real image of how the government is structured. The pace of each riff just keeps your head moving, and keeps you thinking. This next track "Reconciliation" is a bit plain, and to the point. Its basic lesson is to not live in fear, although I agree with that fully, this song could've been put together a lot more superior.

Half way through the album on track five I stumble upon lyrics I agree with completely. "Shapeless" begins with a very down-tuned breakdown that shows the artists anger in this song. The lyrics are right on the spot of how many so many individuals feel about this life. People feel trapped everyday and want to get out, but cannot. Not only from the government but themselves. Track number six, "Nostalgia", is most likely about the song-writers past. Bad and good memories, fighting to make them go away and stay. It seems as though he doesn't want to be alive, and is suffering from his mind reminding him of what his past is.

Track seven and eight consist of two different parts titled "The Emperor". The first part titled "Transcendence" has a massive change of mood. The lyrics are much more opposing to the other tracks. Although the lyrics to both parts have to do with an MMORPG video game, they seem to have a hatred and want for revenge, and need to fight the enemy, rather than giving up and calling it quits like the previous lyrics. This tracks pace is probably the fastest out of all. The guitars pick up speed and bring you farther into the album. The next part of the "The Emperor" titled "Devourer" has a similar mood and could also be the more fast-paced track. The ending lyric of this track "Hail Sithis!" gives a direct hit on the other lyrical themes. "Sithis" is a deity, representative of emptiness and the void, featured in the game "The Elder Scrolls".

Last but not least, a more melodic track "Eminence" brings you to your feet with the words of Tyler (vocalist). He uses a much more uplifting tone and brings you in to feel exactly what hes feeling. The guitars in this track are much more melodic, and stay away from shredding. "Eminence" is a track that relates to each song as its played out, it holds you tight and makes you wonder at the same time what this album actually stands for. That the government and world is collapsing, and controlling individuals, instead of helping one another? Or if we should all just give up and fight for ourselves.

Rating: 4/5

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