Mar 1, 2012


Somewhere in the Northwest, the musical whirlwind of Projections came into being. Not only is their music powerful and relentless, but so is the bands existence. Within a few short months, Projections has already become a household name in the regional scene and are set to make it huge all around the world! Even though they had to drop off the show where our interview was scheduled, the band was willing to answer my questions via email.

What inspired the name Projections?
Isaac- Frankly, I Love Projectors. I can’t get enough of them. I pitched the idea, and the guys ran with it!
William – Just sounds catchy, I didn’t name the bands but that’s how I feel about it. I feel our music speaks for itself. We could have any name and it’d still be good.

You guys seemed to have really come up quickly as a band, how’s the experience been? How have crowds been reacting to the music?
Isaac- It’s been surreal. We’re only a few months out from releasing our EP and people have been super receiving of us and our music. I feel super grateful for everyone that’s been checking us out and helping us get our name out there!
William – We planned everything VERY meticulously. We’ve been a full band since September, I believe. We recorded our debut EP in November at Rain City Audio in Portland and released everything on January 1st. Since then we’ve been stacking up as many shows as possible and the crowds have been digging it. We’re touring in March with Havenside and Ashylus, so that should rule!
Yusef – So far they seem to be digging it.

What one person/place/thing has been a godsend (life saver) during your tours?
Isaac- Our merch girl is kinda like the swiss army blade of the merch slinging business. Handy as fuck, but doesn’t give handys…………..
William – The fans! Without them we’d stop doing this. They donate money to us, buy merch, hang with us and do all sorts of cool things. We love meeting new people in different towns and can’t wait to see more faces every time we play!
Yusef – All of our friend and fans make what we do worth it.

Whats each memebers favorite non metal artist?
YusefI listen to Jimi Hendrix, Herby Hancock, Ratatat, Brick Squad and The Shins.
Isaac- Gucci… Only Gucci.
William – I personally LOVE Pop-Punk and Hardcore. I don’t listen to too much metal. I mostly listen to Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, KISS, Xibalba, Trash Talk, Hawthorne Heights, Title Fight and a good amount of Hip-Hop/Rap/Top 40.

What about favorite metal artist?
Isaac- I listen to good amount of Born Of Osiris, Animals as Leaders, As I lay Dying, Structures. But it also depends, sometimes random albums come out that I can’t enough of.
William – As far as metal goes I dig Molotov Solution, For Today, The Acacia Strain and tons of old Metalcore.
Yusef – Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, I The Breather, For The Fallen Dreams, It Prevails, For Today and Oceano.

Is there one specific place you guys would love to play a show above all else?
Isaac- On the moon… under water… in an aquarium… Not at separate times. All at the same time…
William – I think everywhere is on that list for me! I’d love to play every city in the United States somehow.
Yusef – I’m with Will on this one. I’d love to play in every city possible but I’ve herd Emo’s in Austin, Texas is pretty tight. Would love to play there.

What’s one thing you guys do on the road to keep from being too bored?
Isaac- We played alot of FMK. ( Fuck one, Marry one, Kill one )
William – On our most recent weekend tour we were pretty boring individuals. We just hang out in our van and hang with friends. I personally love to rest, I run AAP Booking & Management, play in this band AND run a clothing line, so I’m beat always!
Yusef – I usually sleep a lot.

What’s your creative process? Both as individuals and as a band?
Isaac-I exit all of my clothes, lather in war paint, then light candles and stare at my guitar for hours. Willing it with my inner most being to bestow a riff upon me.  
William – For me when I write stuff I just pick up a guitar and mess around! I just play a lot of the same riffs I’ve been playing for years, I play a lot of other bands stuff to get ideas flowing, get my hands flowing and figure out what notes sound cool. From there it just comes to me!
Yusef – I do most of my writing late at night and then I present my ideas to the band later. Our vocalist lives in a different city, so we record our instrumentals and send them to him via the internet to figure out his parts.

What’s the greatest part of being in a band?
Isaac- Other then playing shows!? Being able to put your ideas and feelings into music and seeing what people do with it.
William – Playing shows. Nothing beats being onstage and seeing a bunch of people going nuts to your music.
Yusef – I love playing shows but the feeling I get when I hear positive feedback from friends and fans beats all.

What’s something about being a band in this genre fans don’t know that you wish they did?
Isaac- It makes you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Plus, it’s annoying to write breakdowns.
William – I think being in a band in ANY genre most people have this outlandish idea that it’s all fun and games. It’s not. Especially on the business side of things. It’s very stressful and it takes a toll.
Yusef  – We are not rich. We don’t make millions. We don’t get laid every night, except for our vocalist. He’s a stud. 

What sort of hobbies do you guys have outside of the music?
Isaac- Personally I draw a lot, get down on video games when I can try and find the time ( my recent addiction being Skyrim and Starcraft 2 ) chilling with my fools, climbing shit and trollin on life.
William – For me I love booking tours, watching professional wrestling, hanging with friends and getting tattoos. I’m a pretty boring guy!
Yusef – I like pooping, knitting, gardening and chill and watch the sunset. Ya know, I’m pretty much a fucking thrill seeker…

What keeps you guys inspired? Both musically and outside of music?
William – Musically bands that have meaning and feeling behind them. The new Liferuiner singles that I’ve checked out have had tons of emotion and I’ve dug it hard. I also appreciate amazing live performances. I saw this band The Ongoing Concept from Idaho at a house show about a week ago and they were insane live. Bands like The Chariot, Letlive and others of that nature that bring it live make me want to step up what I’m doing musically and performance wise.
Isaac – I listen to a lot of symphonic music.

What are some standout moments (awesome, weird, creepy etc.) that the band has had during your shows?
William – When people know the words it’s definitely awesome. It’s a great feeling that people appreciate your music enough to learn it! We haven’t had anything weird or creepy just yet. Check back soon!

Where’s the best place to eat while on tour?
William – Haven’t ventured too far yet. But for me Taco Bell always tops the list.
Yusef – Taco Bell definitely tops the list.
Isaac – Pita Pit.

Who would you want to tour with? Who would you want to take on tour with you?
William – I’d love to tour with Pop-Punk bands, since it’s my favorite genre. But if it came down to our style I’d pick For Today, Molotov Solution and Impending Doom. I feel that package would kill!
Yusef – For Today, It Prevails, Norma Jean and Horse The Band. Those bands would be SO tight!
Isaac – Rage Against The Machine, Avenged Sevenfold, The Used or Born of Osiris.

What are you guys listening to as of late?
William – It Prevails, Man Overboard, Daggermouth, Blink-182, Capture The Flag, Dear Whoever and Grave Maker.
Yusef – Lately I have been listening to a lot of Volumes, Stray From The Path and the new Veil of Maya CD.
Isaac – Oh man. A lot of old symphony music. Katy Perry, Within the Ruins, Born of Osiris, I The Breather and Structures.