Jul 26, 2012

I Killed Everyone - Dead Peasants - Album Review

Album Year: 2012
Genre: Death Metal/Deathcore
Location: Illinois

1. Emperor
2. A Formless Awakening
3. And Kingdoms Will Fall
4. Earth Carcass
5. Beneath the Soil
6. Omophagia
7. Dead Peasants
8. The Art of Flesh
9. The Judas Throne
10. Synthetic Euphoria
11. Dominion
12. Re-Defiled

I Killed Everyone's (IKE) latest album, Dead Peasants, is an amazing progression for the band since their earlier work. Overall the album is crisper, better written, and not set on one sound. While this may not be a big deal to all of you, I for one, like to hear a band try and find that perfect sound for them. I would not call this album "experimental" by any means, but you will hear some heavily influenced material from black metal, to death metal, to good ol' deathcore. It's all here, and it's all blended in one brutal package.

Your ears are going to hear some ridiculously awesome things. The intro track reminds me of something straight out of Castlevania. The fourth track, "Earth Carcass" melds a grossly dissonant breakdown with a spooky sounding piano line, that then mixes with ambient textures and strings. You haven't heard that in previous IKE tracks, have you? If that isn't your type of music, you have nothing to worry about. Seriously. The very next track, "Beneath the Soil" just rips your head off the entire time. "Dominion" is a very interesting instrumental piece that is totally unlike anything they have done.This album is relentless.

I never want every band to sound the same, but I really hope some other bands take notice of this album. This is a direction I would really like to see deathcore progress towards. It isn't the same old "chug chug chug" binary deathcore we have all heard a million times. It's got blast beats, sweeps, breakdowns, ambient textures, and everything else you could possibly expect in a death metal/deathcore release.

IKE's Dead Peasants album is a step in the right direction. Not only for them, but for the deathcore/death metal music scene as a whole. They've stepped up and set the bar for the next wave of bands. This release is solid in every aspect. It's got heaviness, but knows when to yield. It's experimental in a sense, but knows when enough is enough. I sincerely hope that this album gets the recognition it deserves from their fans, people who have never heard them before, and labels alike. With a release like this, I cannot wait to see what more these guys can do. Pick up the album from the links below, you will thank yourself.

Favorite Tracks:
"Earth Carcass"
"The Art of Flesh"
"Synthetic Euphoria"

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