Jan 4, 2012

Embracing Abomination "(i)" Review + Free Album Stream

Genre: Other

Location: Saskatoon, SK
Release Date: January 1st, 2012

Embracing Abomination is not your typical band. What started as a solo project for Brandon Sikorsky, it soon expanded. With the addition of Alex Bent, Embracing Abomination was now a two man band. Alternative is the only way to describe this band’s music, as it is a break from the norm. I (i) takes you on a sonic journey from beginning to end, with the high point being my personal favorite, “Forget Me.” Whether they are crooning to you on “Forget Me” and “Sleep Light” or seething on the heavy hitting mathcore song “Blind Me” Embracing Abomination bridges genre gaps and destroys the boundaries of traditional music. The waves of emotions that cascade over you while you listen to this album make you not just love the music; it makes you connect with the song itself. You are no longer just a listener, you are an active participant in the song itself. Embracing Abomination sounds like nothing I’ve heard before, and that’s a good thing in this day and age of cookie cutter bands that all look, act, and sound the same. The only bands I could compare them to would be Dream Theater when they play ballads, Explosions in the Sky with vocals, and some elements of Architects. The ambience, pure musicianship, and the passion behind the music all come through excellently. It’s a shame it is only 5 tracks, because I am sure you will have this album on repeat and listen to it over and over again. I highly recommend the song “Forget Me” it is the best song on the album and my favorite song by the band.

Rating: 5/5

-Justin Rodin