Nov 10, 2011

Take Charge - Pre Contact: The Extermination Theory Review

From: Tampa, Florida
Genre: Metal/Deathcore/Hardcore

Songs to Jam First: Flies, Cancer Garden, The Further

From the start this record grabs you by the balls and does not let go. It opens with "Flies", a driving and heavy track that imediately drops in with chugs and concise drumming that commands your attention. I'd like to note that drummer Ed Pena really puts the bar up on this record with his creative fills and flawless transitions, hard to believe this kid is so young. Hailing from central Florida Take Charge's"Pre Contact" is a well thought out masterpiece. Not to mention producer Kenny Gil's magic touches always seem to captivate his audiences. Anyhow, The record progressively moves forward with "The Second System", more of a post hardcore djent style track. The track highlights Jeff Wester's vast vocal range, where he uses more punk yells and traditional style vocals, but mixes in his death vocals as well. His vocals are most definitely on their A game at this point in Take Charge's history, and he is easily one of the best I've heard in awhile. The next song, "The Further" drops the ball with a very windy city heavy feel. While jamming this track,I've begun to notice that the riffs on this record are a lot chunkier and more technical compared to demos and previous tracks from this group. But my favorite thing, is that it's got a very traditional death structure, but with a super melodic ambiance that trails the entire album. At this point I approach "Cancer Garden".

This is my personal favorite off the record. It really highlights the guitarist's capabilities, as well as being more lyrically deep. The track has the most personal feel, but I feel it'is got the most combined in it to describe Take Charge best. And the record ends with "Accepting Insanity", easily the most heavy and traditional metal on the Album. What sticks out in this track is the Make Them Suffer style synthesizer and the choppy blast beats. Overall, this record is pure perfection and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to every minute. It completely took my perspective of good death metal to the cleaners, leaving my ears raped in the best way possible. I can't wait to see what this band comes out with in the future, and I will be keeping a close eye on this group. And after hearing this record, I suggest all of you readers do the same. It seems everything they touch turns to heavy gold, leaving my score at 10 out of 10 for this review. Let's hope they keep their Midas touch.

Rating: 10/10

Review by Sura Chase