Nov 9, 2011

Held Captive "Discontent EP" Review

Genre: Deathcore
Location: Silver Valley

Held Captive, a 4 piece deathcore band from Silver Valley, NC; produces a very raw sound filled with breakdowns that are skull crushing. Their 5 track EP titled 'Discontent', takes you by the throat with one mission, smash your face in. It's hard to believe 4 guys can make huge a thick brutal sound, Adam P.- Vocals, Brandon S.- Guitar, Eric M.- Bass & Houston L.- Drums. I would like to see these guys live but for now their EP will have to do.

The intro track titled; 'Discontent', starts with a sample of moaning and screams that sounds pretty wicked. This intro track is kind of like a introduction to what Held Captive is. The track is a handshake to make you feel comfortable with them before they turn things around and slam your face into the ground with their brutal breakdowns to come.

Enter 'Cloudy', which starts with a nice little guitar melody then quickly breaks off into the deep depths of breakdown science, slow chugs followed by low vocals pound you into oblivion. The track is 3:10 minutes of pure heaviness perfectly designed for moshing.

Just as 'Cloudy' ends (guess you can say the clouds clear haha), the next track begins suddenly to remind you there is no room for the weak; 'Diagnosis: Life'. Just when you couldn't think the breakdowns couldn't get any more brutal, think again. This track is a huge breakdown that doesn't let up.

'Reclaim' provides a small relaxing start but in no way soft or lacking from its previous tracks. It's as if the band knows you need a breather, but it doesn't last because it breaks off into what Held Captive does best, breakdowns.

And for the last track titled 'Past is Present', this track starts with riffs that are djent style. This is actually my favorite track on the EP. The progression of the EP works up to this finally track which really leaves their mark.

I look forward to hearing more from Held Captive in 2012. Their sound is raw and real, its filled with breakdowns that pound you non-stop. Keep an eye on these guys they are worth checking out and following, for sure deserve more 'likes' on their facebook.

Rating: 3.5/5