Oct 30, 2011

Science of Sleep "Affliction" Review

Genre: Deathcore
Location: Braunschweig

Science of Sleep hails from the German city of Braunschweig and brings forth a massive wall of pure brutal sound. From the start of their album ‘Affliction’, track titled ‘Introduction’; it is very clear these guys mean business by growling, “This is a call to arms… To fight for freedom”, this first track sets the pace of what’s to come.

After the short ‘Introduction’ the band breaks into the title track ‘Affliction’ which bashes your face in with a sledgehammer of insanely perfect timed riffs then spits in your bloody face as the lyrics start. “Deceiving the nation by saying you help them…” are the first words your ears are witness to. These guys are mad and this is war! There are some very nice breakdowns and the guitar work is very sharp. The vocals are always in your face preaching the truth, making sure you understand what’s really going on in the world.

Just when you start to get your second wind, “To Protect and Abuse” comes rushing in and boot smashes you back into the ground. Track after track this is an unstoppable assault of pounding breakdowns, flesh ripping guitar shredding and roaring vocals or as they list it ‘Vokills’. There is even a small mix of electronics in the tracks; a little calm before the storm of ‘Guitarcalypse’ that guitarist Sven and Dome conjure forth.

I highly recommend this album; it is very much worth it. It is Deathcore at it’s finest!

Marcus - Vokills
Sven - Guitarcalypse
Dome - Guitarcalypse
Phil - 4 String Mayhem
Fabian - Blastmachine

At the moment this band is:
- Writing new stuff
- Looking for a new drummer
- Searching for shows in 2012
- Looking for a label
- Being cool as fuck!

Reviewed by: TJ Garcia