Oct 5, 2011

Out of Misery "Bite The Hand That Feeds You EP" Review

Genre: Metalcore
Location: Adelaide, Australia

1. Betrayed
2. Father
3. Denial
4. Bite The Hand That Feeds You
5. My Life in Your Hands
6. Reflections
7. Coherence

Rating 9/10

What a great way to start off my rainy evening than to review yet another epic band from Australia. Out of Misery bring nothing less that brutality to table. Forming in 2009 and officially doing shows in 2010, they put out this ear grabbing album to fully establish themselves in the metal community.

"Bite The Hand That Feeds You" brings a unique, ear grabbing sound that makes you want to just keep listening more and more. With tracks "Denial" and " My life in your hands" for sure secures a spot onto anyones IPOD/Zune or other multimedia playlists.
Out of Misery, being from Australia has set a new standard and will be hard to follow. With their distinctive guitar riffs, ear trempling vocals and soul crushing drumming they are for sure worth the listen and I recommend you do just that.