Oct 25, 2011

The Last Ten Seconds of Life "Know Your Exits" Album Review

Genre: Brutal Deathcore / Beatdown
Location: Mansfield, PA
Rating: 9/10

1. Mansfied - Starts off the album pretty ominous. Like a "something bad's about to happen feeling". Heads into a slow brutal breakdown, setting the tone for the rest of the album.

2. Cutthroat - Heads from the breakdown, to super fast progressive, mosh your effing heart out blast beats and heavy guitar. Prefect mix of speed progressive metal, and brutal baby bashing breakdowns.

3. You Can't Turn A Ho Into A Housewife - Tune Low, Play slow-style breakdown, topped off with the meaty growls, and chuggy guitar. The highs make me wanna rip someone's face off and feed it to the queers from Sleeping with Sirens.

4. Keystone Beatdown-I felt like i was gonna have an orgasm listening to the into, before the music even started.Heavy old Chelsea Grin Style breakdowns and lows. Sick breakdown, "Keystone Beatdown". Hardcore style gang vocals, so good.

5. A Face Among the Flames-Brutal lyrics to begin the song, makes you bang your head like no tomorrow. Guest Vocalist KILLS it. One of the best breakdowns in the album in this song.

6. The Rain Will Come - If you listened to this song before you heard any of the rest of the album, you'd put this in your cd player at night to fall asleep to, or masturbate softly to.

7. Pecan Pie - I felt like something is goin down in the streets when i heard the intro to this song. This is the perfect song to listen to before fighting, playing black ops, eating wheaties, ANYTHING.

8. Yo Ladies - This song reminded me of the song "All day every day Fantasies" By Destruction of a King, but TEN TIMES HEAVIER. Definitely a party song. Probably the most "fun", exciting and groovy song on the album.

9.Afflictions - Opens up with a trippy guitar lead and some gnarly drums. Probably one of the heaviest songs on the album. The guitar is REALLY pronounced in this song more than others. There's a slow bridge that goes fast again, really creative song.

10.Resolve - Just another instrumental, guitar lead, and repetitive breakdown, nothing special, but still good.

11.Muck - They definitely saved the best for last. Opens up with super fast drums and some background talking. There's a nice classical style guitar bridge, that turns into a nice progressive flow. this last song is so good, its an instrumental, and they're pretty much just showing off how amazing they are as musicians.

This album overall was one of the best newer deathcore albums I have heard in a long time. So heavy, but yet so creative. Too many bands go too heavy these days without that creative aspect. I could listen to this over and over again, and it wouldnt get old. I give this album a 9/10. I hope more people hear about these guys, cuz they're an amazing group of musicians.

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