Aug 30, 2011

[INTERVIEW] Eddie of All Shall Perish - August 2011

Interview with Eddie of All Shall Perish.

So, you guys are coming up close to your "official" 10 year anniversary. How does that make you feel, and how have the past 10 years(or more) impacted you, and who you are as a person?

I have only been in the band for 6-7 years. I have become a drunk fuck. I only feel when I am on stage. The musicians shape the band not visa-versa. Just like anyone else 10 years is a long time so I bet you can assume that I have changed a lot in the last 10 years. Can I tell you how? No.

What was it like growing up? Have you always had that drive to play/write music? Or was that something that you kind of developed over time?

Growing up is growing up. Are we in therapy here? Well Dr. Phil, I am an entertainer I have always had the desire to entertain people. Music was just my calling.

If things with ALL SHALL PERISH hadn't gone the way they have, where would you be right now? What kind of career were you looking at prior to joining the band?

I would still be stripping for quarters down at the local jack shack. I had no career. Music isn't a career it's a way of life. We starve and kill ourselves to play. This is all I have and all I live for. There were never any other options for me.

What are some of the most difficult parts about being in a band? And how do you cope with these issues.

Being in a band is like being in a poly-amorous 5 way relationship. We have had people leave the relationship and people come in. You find the people you are happiest with and go for it. The truth comes out on the road and there it will stay.

According to multiple websites, your lyrical themes tend to gravitate towards; dejection, cynicism, death, societal struggles and many more things. Aside from the obvious, what influences your writing, and directs it more towards these themes?

Actually This Is Where It Ends is the only album I have ever written with negative connotations. I have always tried to keep a positive outlook when we write. Be it in our music or lyrics. The reality is life is ugly until you make it beautiful so we used to try to make our music just that...Beauty in the beast. Lyrically I aim to translate what the music is speaking. If the song is angry I talk about what makes me angry in the world. With so much drama in the LBC...

Do the bands you're listening to during the writing process affect your lyrics?

Yes, The bands you listen to should affect every aspect of your life. If not, you're not listening.

Do the bands you've been listening to have an impact on how you do your vocals? Or do you develop new techniques on your own, for yourself?

Every musician feeds off of another musician. When I choose my vocal patterns and voices I tend to go with the flow and it is later that I realize who influences me. I hope no one goes into music's writing process saying "I want to sound exactly like this." That calls for shitty music.

It seems to be a recurring trend lately, where every album has a guest appearance on it. Plan on hopping on that boat?

Track 11- The Death Plague featuring Alex Erian from Despised Icon. Glad you did your research huh? ;)

For the new release 'This Is Where It Ends', the iTunes exclusive edition came with a Spanish, bonus version of 'Royalty In Exile'. What made you want to do vocals for an ASP track in Spanish?

I am hispanic. Why not take a song we dig and make it a spanish tune for our spanish speaking fans? If I could speak other languages I would sing songs in said language. We have been talking about doing more songs in Spanish.

Going through your releases, which would you say "means the most to you"? Most memorable, difficult, easy, anything you can think back on and share with us.

I love all of our music. Every song we do is difficult for me because I choose to explore as much of my range as I can when I write. Every song

You guys just wrapped up the Mayhem Festival, What goes through your mind when you're on stage, seeing that many people singing your songs?

I don't think when I am on stage. To me, being up there, is like therapy. I emote every bit of my anger and hatred into that microphone. It is always a pleasure to see people feel our music throughout. Mayhem brought us to a lot of new faces so there weren't a lot of people singing along.

Does it bother you sometimes that people respond differently to seeing, or interacting with you? Or do people even do that?

Are you bothered by people being different? I am bothered by people acting the same. There's a different vibe and response to everyone you meet. I hate when people lie to themselves to attempt to gain my respect. I see through the bullshit.

Getting back to the band's 10 year anniversary, what do think the next 10 years will bring? Do you see yourself still doing this?

The next ten years will show our fans that every minute spent on All Shall Perish is worthwhile and meaningful not only to them but us.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this.