Aug 29, 2011

The Browning - Burn This World (2011) [REVIEW]

Genre: Electronic Deathcore
From: Dallas TX, USA
Rating: Over 9000/10

Before continuing, I must say that The Browning has been one of my favorite bands in the metal/hardcore scene since I first heard them about a year ago. They have always succeeded at blending great trance melodies with as heavy as 90's Rosie O'Donnell breakdowns. This album takes what they did with their first 2 EP's and perfects it. No band can mix these styles like this, and they should never try. There can only be one Browning. In my opinion this is one of the best, and heaviest, albums of 2011 so far.


1-No Escape. Such a strong intro. Heavy with a great trance break and some heavy as balls breakdowns. Everything you'd expect from an intro. NEXT TRACK.

2-Not Alone. This song makes me want to bounce, spin glowsticks, hit things/people, and dance. There's a great 2 step which is the first of many on the album. That last breakdown is pretty epic though.

3-Bloodlust. Song starts out trancy and transitions into such a sick, groovy breakdown. The song then continues to just make you want to destroy people under a strobe light.

4-Standing On The Edge. The new version of this song is much heavier than the old version, and the synth sounds way stronger as well. If you liked this song before, youre gonna love it now. Not much else I can say, NEXT TRACK.

5-Burn This World. This song is fucking metal. Nuff said. It gets symphonic in the middle with a great cello solo/breakdown that is so perfect. The end kind of gets all hip hop and makes me wanna pour fine liquor on some hoez, then punch them in the face.

6-Ashamed. Dubstep for all the brosteppers. As far as actual dubstep goes, it's meh, but as far as metal bands mixing dub into their songs, it fits well and gets intense. It's not overdone to the point its annoying. The parts of the song that dont have dub are really awesome if you don't like dubstep though. That last breakdown though, god damn.

7-Living Dead. Creepy intro feels like youre in a haunted house. This song is more like death metal than the rest, and the eerie vibe stays pretty much throughout the song. Some great melodies and breakdowns.

8-Forgotten. After the creepy feel of Living Dead, it picks right back up with the melodic trance breakdowns. I fucking love those things. The breakdown at around 45 seconds is probably one of my favorite ever. A great balance of heavy with trancy. The melodic finale of the song makes me want to ride a luck dragon through Fantasia, then crash him into the Ivory Tower and beat the shit out of The Childlike Empress. Just saying.

9-Time Will Tell. Another rerecording, the synth/trance parts are greatly improved, and holy fuck is it heavy. Such a great improvement on a song I felt needed no improvement. I love the way the synth sounds in this version and fuck! SO HEAVY! You just need to experience this, words can not make you understand.

10-Tragedy Of Perfection. The intro is really amazing, this band always mixes the synths in so well, no band can touch them in that regard. The heavyness continues from Time Will Tell, however this song is a little more melodic and the riffs are a little more metal. There's a kind of glitchy trance break halfway through that's really dope, and then the heavyness continues on. Shit gets me amped.

11-Dominator. If this wont make you want to dance, you probably have no soul or are too much of a deathwhore to appreciate anything but Emmure. Don't worry bro, there's breakdowns, and even a 2-step. This song is really fucking danceable whether it be like a normal person or like a blind cat on acid. I swear though, The Browning are the masters of outros.

12-I Choose You. This is another metal as fuck song. Replace that trance synth with a strings patch and BOOM, symphonic deathmetal. This is probably one of my favorites on the album, but its hard to say because I really like all of them. This song is just really fucking amazing. The middle has a little dubstep-ish break then turns into one of those great Browning breakdowns. Great melodies and heavy breakdowns ensue.

13-The Sadist. A perfect song to close on, builds up the suspense slowly, getting you more and more amped and then.... BAM! Trance break, time to dance mother fucker. Then as your dancing and spinning your poi, out of nowhere a breakdown comes in and smashes your face in with a brick. From that point on, the song has the same symphonic feel a lot of the songs kind of have, and at the end, in total Browning style, one last breakdown to kill your friends to. Close on symphony and choir, and you have completed your journey through a great album.

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