May 10, 2011

Catalepsy - Bleed - 2011 [REVIEW]

Catalepsy is back with their newest full length “Bleed” in stores May 10th, Europe May 20th, and I got the chance to give it a few advance play throughs before it hit the shelves. And I’m thoroughly convinced that you’re all going to enjoy this. From the last Catalepsy, they’ve definitely matured and improved themselves.

“Faithless” the first track off of “Bleed” starts off with a voice clip and an electronic beat. It builds on itself eventually leading up to the riff that sets the mood for the whole album. There’s an almost insect like tone that plays throughout the track, and with headphones it’s definitely an audio experience. The song trails off with that familiar electronic sound.

Tossing you into the whirlwind called “Monolith”. This song starts off with so much double bass, it startled me. The majority of this track is two step worthy. So all you pit crews can look forward to getting into position to dance with all your bros. Ultimately, holding hands as you rejoice in the riff that will be known as “1:36 into Monolith”. Afterwards, you’ll get dropped into a pretty intense breakdown to kick back to.

“Goliath” the next track on the album is a more hardcore song than the rest of the album. It’s got that same insect kind of sound in the background, and has some nice grooves to it. But aside from that, I wasn’t really feeling this one. I liked the sound of the “...Wake up again.” breakdown, and ending of the track. But if I wasn’t reviewing this and I had to listen that far in to get to that, I probably would have skipped to the next song, and only heard the end some other time.

The fourth track on “Bleed” is my favourite off the album, “Cthnonian”. The whole song builds on itself offering up something extra every once in a while, and has that same bug sound to keep the mood of the album. It’s a fast paced, energetic track. And “1:50” into the album made me fall in love with it. I’m not going to tell you what band it reminds me of, but I’m sure if you’re smart, you’ll figure it out, and post it in the comments. Best song on the album in my opinion. The last minute of the track is pure groove. It’s like getting 2 toys in your happy meal.

“Bleed” the fifth and title track on the album is just pure heavy. There are some intense bass drops on this track. Unfortunately, it’s not very memorable. It’s heavy, it sounds good. But it’s repetitive. There’s just not that much to this track that would make me, personally, come back to it frequently. The vocals are tight on this and “1:40” into the track has a pretty hefty set of bass drops. The last forty seconds of “Bleed” is tight, and I’m sure it will be in someone’s “Breakdown Video” shortly.

The next track, “Infernal” has a really evil sound to it. And it’s a very low end track, with lots of bass in it. And Rick’s vocals sound damn near demonic. Not sure if that’s layered or not, but it sounds fucking awesome. There’s some two step beats , some crisp sounding guitars, groovy drums. “Infernal” wraps up with a spacey synth riff in the background, fading out into a low waahh tone.

“Statistic” is another track off the album geared for the bass heads. It’s a really dirty sounding track, and is definitely a lot more rhythmic than most of the other tracks on the album. It’s not a very long track, at least it doesn’t seem long, at only two minutes and forty seven seconds long. But it has a very distinct force to it. With tracks like this, generally, they let you assume that the following track will build off the intensity that was previously being brought on.

Following “Statistic” is the two step beast known as “Consumed”. This definitely picks up where the last one left off. The whole track consists of a myriad of two step beats, drum grooves and bass. If this doesn’t get kids going in the pit, I have no idea what would.

The ninth track on the album “Medusa”, comes at you fast. The insects are back in this track, but less prominent. Probably the best sounding track on the album, “Medusa”, combines all the familiar sounds from the rest of the album into this chugging beast. It’s a really enjoyable track.

The 10th and final track off “Bleed” is “Vexation”, the most melodic of the bunch. There’s a catchy synth line throughout most of the track, along with a lot of harmonies. It’s a much different sound than the rest of the album, and I think it’s refreshing. It’s nice to see a variety of influences and writing patterns show up within an album.

All in all, Catalepsy brought it pretty hard with this new release. And I’m looking forward to hearing whatever it is they’ve been working on for their next one. “Bleed” is a solid album , and I’m sure it has at least one track on it that most deathcore/death metal fans will enjoy. Catch them on tour this May with Deception of a Ghost and This Time It’s War.

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Album Rating: 8/10

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1. Faithless
2. Monolith
3. Goliath ft. Mat Bruso (Bury Your Dead)
4. Cthnonian
5. Bleed
6. Infernal
7. Statistic
8. Consumed
9. Medusa
10. Vexation
11. Remix (hidden track)