Jan 10, 2012

I, The Breather "These Are My Sins" Review

Genre: Technical / Christian / Metalcore

Release Date: 2010
Label: Sumerian Records

2.The Common Good
4.High Rise
9.Crown Me King

With the ever growing metal scene, it stands to reason more bands of every spiritual background are beginning to show. This is especially true of the christian metal scene, where unfortunately, the music is sometimes lost to the message. This is not however the case with Baltimore's own I The Breather, even with Sumerian Records' ever diversifying roster, I The Breather's debut album on the label "These Are My Sins" prove both the fact that this band has just as much talent as they have conviction. Introducing the album, the song "Forgiven" gives a brief moment before the albums ferocity and passion is well and truly unleashed. The grinding guitars and searing drumming are all subject to not only moments of fist clenching fury and wild, technical breakdowns and tempo changes, but bring out some very clean guitar solos and interludes that fit together seamlessly with the howling zeal the vocalist brings to the song, the vocals are not only wonderfully aggressive, but some bands that follow the religious theme in their music have an interesting habit of being lyrically and not just vocally aggressive, I The Breather's lyrically faithful words range from the calm serenity to despair, to anger, fear, and even some doubt. Not to say they are the only christian band to have more than one emotion lyrically but certainly "These Are My Sins" have some of the most poignant and introspective lyrics of many  metal releases to date.


Songs "The Common Good", "High Rise" and "Destroyer" bring more of the gentle brutality that I The Breather are so well versed in seamlessly blending their instruments, voice, and thoughts into s fervent, catchy, and pummeling examples of music . Where the album really begins to shine and stand out is the song "Longevity" which has a very massive feeling introduction and incorporates backing shouts that only serve to add to the furor that the music already had. Even some piano makes an appearance here, making "Longevity" a very beautiful song and certainly helps "These Are My Sins" be the Jewell of an album it is. "Doomsday" and "Conquer" follow with very dark narratives that would sound downright nihilistic if the music was played any more heavily. This is part of I The Breather's appeal as they are just heavy enough in their music, without going any heavier than they must to make music that is not only crushing, but in some cases rather uplifting. The instrumentalists are given a chance to shine in the instrumental track "Empathy" which is not only a very beautiful piece of metal music and also proves that these musicians are more than just a metal band with a message they believe in. Allspark is a return to the optimistic, if not cheerful lyrics that covered much of this album along with the astoundingly talented music to back up the meaning and then the album closes out with the song "Crown Me King"  having quite possibly the most fearsome zeal on the entire album given the length of the song, which allows for the band to remind you they're capable of playing technical, aggressive music far more than competently and bring a message that gives highest praise to their spiritual inspiration. It may not get more people to church, but "These Are My Sins" is certainly an amazing work that is sure to have many saints and sinners alike listening to the wonderful music within.