May 6, 2011

BIGREDROBOT - Watch The Infection Spread - REVIEW

BIGDROBOT – Watch The Infection Spread

BIGREDROBOT’s album “Watch The Infection Spread” is a 10 track mix of deathcore and tech riffs, that you will surely enjoy. It’s not a very long album, with its longest track being only 3:31 seconds long. But it has a very familiar sound. Probably a mix of the heaviest Whitechapel riffs and the high speed blast riffs of any your favourite death metal bands.

Every track has a different sound, so you’ll have no trouble picking out your favourite riffs. The album sounds great, but because of how familiar it sounds, I probably wouldn’t keep it in my rotation for very long. Eventually I’d move on.

With bands like this, I like it, but I deep down I always want to see them take it that extra step. Not just do what sounds good, and works. This band has a lot of potential, and after listening to this, most of you will agree. Personally, I like the tech elements of this album a lot more than the deathcore. There were several instances throughout the album where it felt like Decapitated and After the Burial were making babies with their music.

As a whole, “Watch The Infection Spread” is a solid album, showing lots of potential from all members of the band.

Album Rating: 7/10
The only reason I'm giving this album this rating is because I know this band is capable of doing more. And the replay value is crucial. Which after a while, this album would lose it.

You can get the album here.