Apr 12, 2011

Isolation In Infamy - Self Titled EP (2011)

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Track List:

1. Theory of Flight
2. Psychological Bombardment
3. Unison of Beasts
4. Threshold
5. Solitary Insanity
6. Inanimate Existence

^Solitary Insanity Download^

Complete EP Review

At first listen, this album consists of a delicate weave between your standard death metal and black metal. Intricate melodies, blended with smooth rhythm, and very clean production. There really is something for almost everyone.

This 6 track EP is really very enjoyeable. Track 3, "Unison of Beasts", is a perfect example of the level of thought and effort put into this EP. Blending technical leads with exceptional black metal influence rhythms, and churning it out into a head banging good time.
The entire EP is unique, in that all tracks are consistently and effectively their own. Although if you listen carefully you can definitely hear the bands influences. Which do nothing but enforce the fact that they've done something right.
"Solitary Insanity" is just pure groovy death metal from the start. Immaculate drum work, sonically pleasing guitars, and a tight baseline. Easily my favorite track off the album.

1:45 seconds into this track is just fantastic. Listen, and you'll bang your head. Followed by another great melodic lead.
This is a very pleasing album, and from my own personal listening experience, I can't give any exact idea's of what this remind me of. While listening most will agree there are similarities to Kreator, and Belphegor. However, there is a distinct uniqueness to this album which sets it apart from just being another band. Isolation In Infamy is doing things right, and I look forward to hearing new material out of these guys!

Review by:
Drew DePietro - Total Deathcore Team