Mar 27, 2011

Divine Pustulence - Tortured Raped And Sacrificed To Satan (2008)

death metal / grind

Country: USA

1. Tortured, Raped And Sacrificed To Satan
2. She Had Evil In Her Eyes (She Had To Die)
3. She Died A Virgin
4. Surgical Defilement
5. Murderous Unholy Rampage
6. Columbine Massacre
7. Reeking Adipocerous Corpses Of Murdered Boys Buried In Lime
8. Rob Em All, Rape Em All, Kill Em All
9. Shotgun Extermination
10. The Bed You've Made
11. The Otherside Of The Woodchipper
12. Pathological Evisceration
13. Rectal Crucifixion
14. Violated, Mutilaled, Decapitated

She Died A Virgin  ; p