Mar 31, 2011

Anthony Antolino - Breakdown Compilation (2011)

Best Breakdowns Pt 1:

Intro: Me and My Friends Made It (Not A Band)
So This Is Suffering - Despise
Adaliah - No More Heroes
Amongst Giants - Reach
Her Majesty - The Embodiment Of Weakness
The Imperial Betrayer - The Harvest
Stigma - It's Bullet Time!
We Die In The Climb - Taking Control
Isla Sorna - Regret Not
Myself My Enemy - Abandoned
The Guilty Unpunished - Good Ol' Tom Hanks

Best Breakdowns Pt 2:

Intro: Buried In Verona - Hangin' Hoes By Their Toes
A Breed Unknown - Stone Age
Allay The Sea - Descent
Dr. Acula - Song Before The Song
A Call For Conquest - Dirty Bomb
A Dreadful Vision - The Call
Isla Sorna - Blood Of Man
Northlane - Set In Stone
Unto Acheron - Beneath The Wrath Of Moros
Undertaker Was Murdered - Æå›òâà ï›îã›åññà (Sorry idk lol)
Mortis Sermon - Pro-Creator
Outro: Shekel - Persian Mayhem

Best Breakdowns Pt 3:

Intro: Thy Art Is Murder - Laceration Penetration
The Eradicated - Can't Chop Heads With A Blunt Axe
Bermuda - The Human Herd
As Light Fades - Freedom Through Firepower
Drown - Known As The Jiggly Ass
Sources - Anger
Heavyweight Division - Mouthful Of Sinner Juice
Execute The Sinner - Threnody
Sworn In - Catharsis
Bloodshed By Reality - 50 Caliber
As They Burn Alive - Left Dead Rotting
Outro: Koan Sound - Clowny

Best Breakdowns Pt 4:

Intro: Sworn In - Independence
City In The Sky - California Bear
Salt The Wound - The Cliff Before The Fall
Silence The Messenger - Just Like Drowning
Blunt Trauma - A Country Of Cowardice
Did You Mean Australia? - Harbinger Of Death
Make The Suffer - Maelstrom
Doom Of Babylon - Our Darkest Hour
The Oppressor - Abandon Tyrant
The Gun Show - Founded Upon The Seas
A Breed Unknown - Kraken
Outro: Ashton Butcher - IHATEHIPSTERS