Aug 26, 2012

Sarkophagus - A Dirge For Mankind - EP Review

Album Year: 2012
Genre: Metalcore
Location: Ireland

Recently signed to Triangle Eye Records!

1. Anima
2. Motions Of A Siren
3. Dirge
4. Terra

'A Dirge For Mankind' is the four-tracked EP by heavy enthusiastic metalers Sarkophagus. Diversing their sound from the infamous genre djent, to the gritty heaviness of a more metalcore atmospheric sound. Ranging from a clever variety of clean vocals as well as harsh screams fueled by punchy riffs, is one of the ways EP opener 'Anima' stands out.

Instrumental track 'Motions Of A Siren' backs out of the heavy side of things, using a heavenly array of peaceful noises, instead of the brutality that surrounds the rest of the EP. This short break fails to last long when eventually 'Dirge' blares. Focusing mostly on the atmospheric synths and the growling ferocious vocals that defines Sarkophagus as a unique band on the scene; a band deserving a larger fanbase. Any symptoms of weakness throughout the EP are simply devoured by the captivity of how immense Sarkophagus are, in terms of being experimental and extreme. This is shown in final track 'Terra', once again proving this band are more than willing to show off their unique, and riddled instrument progression.

The only unfortunate listing being the shortness of the EP, yet at the same time this boasts the band's ego, in the hope that other listener's won't think the whole EP would become a chore, as some albums in the same genre could suggest. In some ways it would appear Sarkophagus are ahead of their game, whilst their fan base may be lacking a few too many - I wouldn't be so surprised if the numbers doubled within the next couple of months, prior to hearing what these encouraging metalers have to offer. 

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