Mar 19, 2012

A Dead Silence - Catharsis EP (2012)

Album Year: 2012
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Location: Adelaide, Australia


This EP is quite simply amazing. Call it the literal definition of Technical Deathcore if you would; the combination of Melodic sound, breakdowns, and guitar riffs would make any man want to headbang. The vocals are very powerful and unique, and they fit the style of the music quite well. The drums are incredibly fast and creative, and well synchronized with the rest of the band. Some songs that definitely stick out from the rest would have to be Modern Transfigurement, The Art Of Martyrdom, and Catharsis; but in reality all six tracks are awesome. The EP is a little repetitive; some songs don't stand out as much as they could because some songs sound a little similar to each other, but only at some parts, not all. The Art Of Martyrdom was released as their first song - well before the EP was created = but for this EP they had re-recorded it, and the re-recording was a great success. Overall great album, everyone should have this in their music library.
1. Calling Forth The Waves (Intro)
2. Modern Transfigurement
3. The Art Of Martyrdom
4. Vultures
5. Catharsis
6. Oh, Emperor of Patricide

A Dead Silence - Modern Transfigurement
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