Jan 24, 2012

Waiting On Exile "Scenarios" Review

Location: New York

Genre: Technical/Progressive/Death Metal

Label: Searching
Say you go to a chain coffee shop, you go there not so much to get a cup of coffee that's out of this world good, but its good, and it's everywhere you cant really take two steps without seeing it, it's convenient. But then one day, maybe by word of mouth or just spontaneous decision, you step into an independent coffee place. A place you had to do a bit of looking to find, a place that's unfamiliar, maybe even a place that feels a little strange. But the coffee there is fantastic, it's product is well worth the time finding it and was definitely worth the venture. Yonkers New York's group, Waiting  On Exile's e.p. "Scenarios" is the metaphorical independent coffee shop if you will. There's plenty of amazing technical death metal out there that everyone in the scene knows about. And by no means are those bands average or even better than average, most of those bands are nothing less than phenomenal. But "Scenarios" is technical metal that, judging by Waiting On Exile's Facebook page is not particularly well known, but the music is definitely worth the venture.

Annotations of a Psychopath-Not only does the opening track on the e.p. begin with very appropriate ambient sounds that sound perfectly at home given the songs title but the music itself is very wild and erratic, it doesn't stay in one form to long jumping not only from spastic guitar riffing to frenzied chugging and blistering solo sections, frenzied pummeling and more restrained beating of the drums and the vocalist grunting, snarling, and howling, brings the song to disturbing, haunting, beautiful life.

The Monalisa- "The Monalisa", while feeling far more structured than the previous song is no less amazing, the drumming is much more on display for all its speed and rhythm here and while the guitars still pull off the amazing work  that is all over the recording, they have a much darker feeling and a far more chugging presence on this song although there are still solo sections that are as talented as they are interesting to listen to, feel far more sinister and it is maybe this that makes the vocal sections of this song sound brooding and bleak as well. All in all an excellent song that carries the e.p. along on the amazing wave that began the album and really manages to showcase the band's talent at making music that causes each song to sound  somewhat unique and still have the elements that show the song is their own.

Death Anxiety- The guitars open very crushingly on this track and refuse to let up at all. Shattering sonic assaults pause momentarily for a very jazzy interlude bringing out clean, wailing guitar tones that if Waiting On Exile hadn't already proven to listeners that their musical abilities, guitars, vocals,  and drumming are hugely exceptional, this song surely solidifies that fact. A fantastic song that shows Waiting on Exile are capable of not only brutal technical metal, but also a more restrained fury.

BC- The huge, all encompassing, somewhat calm introduction in this song is certainly not the mood set for the entire song. "BC" is just as ferocious as the other songs on the album, "Scenarios" closes out the album with a taste of everything they can do, the phenomenal controlled chaos that began the album and the restrained fury that it goes out on. The song doesn't sum up everything heard on "Scenarios" so it isn't the only song one can listen to and take away how immense the recording is, but certainly it brings together all the elements on the e.p. weaves them into a supremely addictive piece of music.

Going back to the metaphor, you may leave the independent coffee shop and continue going back to the chain place, after all its everywhere, and it's not like the independent shop was a one time thing, you'll still go back whenever you can and much like that, listening to the music on "Scenarios" this good and this intricate, you'll know you're in for a treat.