Dec 2, 2011

Boris The Blade "Tides of Damnation" EP Review


Boris The Blade, is a 5 piece death metal act out of Melbourne, Australia. Their latest EP, Tides of Damnation, features guest appearances from members of Thy Art Is Murder and Signal The Firing Squad, as well as having a guitarist from The Red Shore. Prepare your eardrums for a 20 minute no holds barred, all-out assault, courtesy of Boris The Blade.

1. Like Wolves - The first track comes out of the gates of Hell and sets the entire tone of the album. Spoiler alert: It's pure insanity. The low, guttural vocals, blast beats and fast double bass drum action, tremolo picking, and absolutely insane breakdowns will get your heart racing. This is one hell of an opening track. One that you will not be disappointed with.

2. A Vulgate Prophet - The drums start this track off and they don't let up. It's almost like their drummer has a few extra arms to produce all these sounds. A breakdown quickly greets you with a punch to the face, and it goes back into the insanity. It keeps switching back and forth, but the breakdowns are never the same. Some are just plain heavy. Some have some groove to them. Some make you want to start a fight. The heaviness never lets up, and never feels tacked on.

3. For The Wretched - If you can hear past the ridiculous (meant in a good way!) drums, you can start to hear some pretty technical guitar work being layered in underneath. This band can really do it all, they just do heavy the best. There is again, no shortage of breakdowns and in this song. I would normally not be a fan of so many, but they find a way to keep it fresh every single time, even if you know it's coming. I don't like to say that these songs all sound similar, but they do. It's not a bad thing at all, but there are some changes in style that start at the end of this track, and lead to the next.

4. Wastelands - This track continues where the last one left off. It really gives me an Oceano feel as the lead guitar is playing a mysterious, almost foreign inspired riff over a breakdown. This is a short interlude track leading to the final two songs on the EP. Heavy, short, but gives you a little breather before we continue on.

5. Your Last Breath - This track reminds you that they are still here to rip your face off, from start to finish. It's really more of the same that you have been hearing. Lots of breakdowns, lots of good instrumental work, and brutal vocals. If you have been a fan of this EP thus far, this song will continue to make you happy. They use longer breakdowns in this track, as opposed to the shorter ones they have been using previously.

6. Tides of Damnation - Well you've made it to the last track alive. They really left it all on the court, so to speak. We get some awesome technical guitar work off the start and throughout, superb drumming, and crushing vocals. Say hello to some guest vocals that set off a ridiculously heavy breakdown in the middle of the song.

Boris The Blade released this EP like they had something to prove. If they did, or didn't, it doesn't matter. They made their point on this EP: They are damn good at writing heavy music that isn't boring. You get it all from Tides of Damnation. Technical guitars, insane drums, demonic vocals, it has it all! They have, what I like to call, "micro-breakdowns" as well as full on breakdowns. All in all, an absolutely stunningly awesome EP from Boris The Blade. I highly recommend this to anyone that is a fan of deathcore.

Rating: 4.5/5

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