Nov 7, 2011

The Way Of Purity "Crosscore" Review

Genre: New Wave / Death Metal
Location: ...
Rating: 7/10

First of all, I found this album to be a super versatile blend of metal. It's written in a very old school traditional structure, which I personally dig, and tracks such as "Loyal Breakdown of Souls" highlights. This record really brings the technical aspect into light, but at the same time, it's also got this cool melodic and theatrical feel, like in "The Rise of Noah", where the female vocalist in the track shines. You can tell this band is super influenced, and they are not afraid to show it, which put a great edge on this album.

The only thing about this Norwegian metal outfit that I didn't care for, was the vocals, and here's why. The main vocalist has a great set of pipes, but I felt with such versatile music, she could have pushed the envelope more, and gotten a little more creative with her vocal patterns and lyrical structure. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this record, so make an effort to check out their other releases.

Songs to Jam First: Deathwish, The Rise of Noah, Egotist

Review by: Sura Chase