Nov 20, 2011

Skeletonwitch "Forever Abomination" Review

Genre: Metal
Location: Athens, Ohio

Skeletonwtich are on their fourth studio album, and these Ohio thrashers are taking all the elements from each album, and combining it into one massive attack. Many people believe that thrash had died out long ago, and is a genre of Metal that has long gone to the way side! With a band like Skeletonwitch alive and well and their new drummer Dustin Boltjes are on a Thrash assault like no other band of their kind!

Skeletonwitch are like no other Thrash band on this planet in my eyes. They are able to create a sub-genre of Metal like no other on this planet. They combine elements of Thrash, Black, and Death metal. Than put it in the sublet blender of Metal grind that shit up, and you have one of the most intense Metal albums of the year! Skeletonwitch really learned over the years to find that well balanced mix of guitar worship, bass gallops that refine Maidens legacy, blackened eerie vocals, and blast beats that will have your ear drums begging for more!!

This band is no joke when it comes to hitting the studio either! They have every single lyric, riff, bass line, drum beat, and lead written before they even hit the studio. They do make tweaks here and there, but they really do not mess around when it comes to making an album. On Forever Abomination though they where worried, because there was no drummer for this album until two months before hitting the studio!

Prosthetic wanted them in the studio earlier than Skeletonwtich actually wanted to, and being the perfectionist they have come to be. They stood their ground, and instead of hitting the studio in February they did not go into recording until June! If not this would have not been the album they wanted to put out, and in basic Skeletonwtich style they stuck to their Metal ways and gave them a big Fuck You! Yes it is their label, but they should still have say in when their art is produced! What they do create is art, and not some milled together bullshit!! I respect them for possibly loosing their label, and not giving into what the pencil pushers wanted them to do. Is that not what Metal is about?

This album is about dare I say. Bringing back the Headbang! I enjoy the album from start to finish and find myself banging my head while driving, and envision myself at a Skeletonwitch show while listening to this album. It is in your face, dark eerie, and the music propels this album forward all the way through! If they are slamming their way through your town. Do yourself a favor, and go see these dudes live. You will not be disappointed, and their merch is some of the best around! I love drinking outta my Skeletonwitch pentagram pint glass!

So I say fuck yeah brothers and sister. Do what you do. If you like , worshiping Satan, drinking beer, eating pussy, and your Metal dark and in your face. Then fucking listen to Skeletonwitch!