Sep 9, 2011

Cold Blooded Theory - The Overseers - 2011

Genre: Metalcore / Hardcore
Location: Glendale, Arizona

1. Part 1: The Intervention
2. Charlie
3. Human Morality: Revised
4. Some People Age Backwards
5. Madison
6. Part 2: The Revival

Some good old fashioned metalcore mixed with some breakdowns and two steps. Not too much to write about this release, simply, because in my opinion, it's far too similar to a lot of other stuff out there. I'm in no way detracting from the quality of the release. Simply stating my opinion on this.
It's well executed metalcore, and I'm sure a lot of you will enjoy it.
I can't find a good enough youtube video to offer a preview, so just go check their facebook if you're dubious.
They are however only offering this release on iTunes.