Jun 9, 2011

Book of Black Earth - The Cold Testament - 2011 [REVIEW]

Book of Black Earth's new album "The Cold Testament" is just that. A cold testament to fast paced blackened death metal. From start to finish you're assaulted with unrelenting double bass and catchy grooves with a sound akin to Belphegor blended with the melody of any of your favorite melodic death bands.
Throughout the entire album I caught myself trying to air drum along to every track, all the while bobbing my head. There's a familiarity to the album that makes it very easy to get into, and it's definitely something you'd want to have blasting in the car on your way to work or your grandma's. The opening track "Weight of the World" is probably the one that best describes the album. It has the fundamentals for the whole album, wrapped up inside of it's six minute long goodness.
Book of Black Earth's "The Cold Testament" is definitely worth the time of any fan of Belphegor, Behemoth and other similar bands.

Album Rating: 7/10

1. Weight of The World
2. Cross Contamination
3. Antarctica
4. Irritating Spectre
5. Termination
6. Research and Destroy
7. Road Dogs From Hell
8. I See Demons