May 26, 2011

Arbiter - Live Judgement, Vol. 2 - 2011 (NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE)

Genre: Death Metal / Djent
Location: Charlevoix, MI, USA
Quality: 320kbps


1. Deadfall (live)
2. What We Have (live)
3. Conflux (live)
4. Death or Glory (live)
5. Machinations (live)
6. Message From Arbiter
7. Judgement (Ironclad/Machinations Promo Track)
8. Unloved and Forgotten (2009 Demo)


Arbiter - Colossus

Album Reviews for "Colossus"
"...At the end of the day, I feel this is a very good record from a band we will certainly hear more from in the very near future. I feel that Colossus breathes fresh air back into an otherwise cookie cutter scene. I would advise you to quickly quit reading this article and go grab a copy of this album; you won’t be disappointed. It is really good!"
"Instead of the clichéd classics Arbiter spin a web of death metal that’s equally informed by what appears to be an appreciation for Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan and Slipknot alike. Take “Death or Glory”; riffs pile up in a grinding mechanical fervor only to suddenly break free in a trashy hardcore gallop that ends with a soaring post rock melody which evolves into another thunderous riff pile."
"With Colossus, Arbiter exhibits traits that would attract listeners of any genre of music, brutal or benign: well-thought out lyrics, tight musicianship, stylistic diversity, and honest intentions of playing music, earning everything that they achieve through hard work and dedication, and according to the band members themselves, “making people move.”"