Apr 15, 2011

Arbiter - Colossus (2010)

Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Location: Charlevoix, MI

Track List:

1. Premonitions
2. Deadfall
3. What We Have
4. Bringer of the Black Dawn
5. We Were Bridges
6. Sins of the Past
7. Conflux
8. Unloved and Forgotten
9. Death or Glory
10.A Corsair's Name (Bonus Track)

*Band Request*
- 320kbps CBR
- Size: 83.23 MB
- Artist: Arbiter
- Release date: September 23, 2010

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Arbiter formed in 2010 from the remnants of “Barter in Blood” and brought a new attitude and approach to their music in entirety. Arbiter’s debut, self-produced album “Colossus” has already received critical acclaim and is truly an impressive deathcore debut. The album is available for purchase now on physical CD and through online distributors such as iTunes and Amazon MP3.

------Album Reviews------

"With Colossus, Arbiter exhibit...well-thought out lyrics, tight musicianship, stylistic diversity...that's something anybody can get behind."
- Dan Vail

"This disc is an exceptionally heavy, tremendously powerful metal album that kicks some serious tail...Start to finish Arbiter deliver the goods in a huge way."
- Bruce Moore

"Arbiter has somehow managed to create an album that is undeniably smart... [they] are gifted at taking ingredients that most people don’t know where to start with and creating something special out of it."
- John-Micheal